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Sunburst Standard of Hexoatl is a unique quest for the legendary lord Lord Mazdamundi, who leads the Hexoatl faction of the Lizardmen race, introduced in Total War Warhammer II to obtain one his exclusive items, the common Sunburst Standard of Hexoatl banner. Despite its common rarity, it is a unique banner in the sense that there is only one in the entire game!

This is a one-part quest which requires fighting a set battle against an intermediate Chaos army.


Trigger timing[]

  • As soon as all requirements are met there is a 100% chance the quest will trigger immediately.

Quest 1[]


  • Win the following battle with Lord Mazdamundi's army: Sunburst Standard of Hexoatl (reinforcements are expected)

In-game description[]

A priceless discovery - a lost text telling of the great deeds of Chotec, Lord of the Sun, the Old One who first warmed this world. Lord Mazdamundi scours it for guidance on how the Great Plan might be served, and learns that Chotec possessed a star-hot rage akin to his own. A bond shared across time! Perhaps invoking the Ritual of Ferocity could summon the Sun-Lord's essence, and imbue it within the City of the Sun. The chants begin - and so too do the sacrifices.

Chotec's radiance shall surely arise from the Fallen Gates of Hexoatl, the Old Ones' cosmic bridge to this realm. The Ruinous Powers cannot permit the wisdom of their ancient enemy to return, and so send the slaves of Chaos to avert it. Mazdamundi must now make his stand - or betray the Great Plan.


Teleport is available for 500 coins.

This will move Lord Mazdamundi instantly to the quest battle location, at a cost. Following the battle, your character will be returned to their original location, with any casualities taken persisting after the battle is over.