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Talsyn requires Realm of the Wood Elves to play.

Talsyn is a playable subfaction of the Wood Elves introduced in Total War: Warhammer. It is led by Orion and can be found in southern Athel Loren, in the middle of the Old World.

The Wood Elves are a mysterious race of fickle elves and their forest-spirit allies, who dwell in the magical forest of Athel Loren. Their military features elite elven units who tend to be only lightly armoured, along with forest spirits such as Dryads and some monsters. Their archers are arguably the best in the game.

How they play[]

A summary of Talsyn gameplay:

  • Units: Elite but fragile elf units supported by fast cavalry. Relies on Amber to recruit forest spirits and monsters. Great archers, no artillery.
  • Elven Council: Can promote lords to positions on the Elven Council, conferring various bonuses.
  • Amber: Unique resource used to summon exotic units or provide other bonuses.
  • Wood Elves settlements: Unique settlement system, unaffected by climate or regional occupation.
  • Oak of Ages: A special settlement which gives faction-wide buffs. If it dies, the player loses.
  • Worldroots: Special stance that allows Wood Elf armies to bypass terrain, similar to Underway.
  • The Wild Hunt: A special event unique to the Wood Elves faction and Orion.
  • Sword of Khaine: Wood Elf (along with High Elf and Dark Elf) factions can draw the Sword of Khaine in Total War: Warhammer II.


Tall, slender humanoids who live within the ancient forest of Athel Loren, the Wood Elves are a mysterious race who rarely emerge unless coming to its defence. Although sometimes appearing cruel, in reality they are a neutral power who act only to maintain the balance of their environment. Elves are not just long-limbed, they also live for thousands of years, which naturally makes other races seem trivial and irrelevant; only the preservation of their forest home matters, everything else – the affairs of mere ’mayflies’ – is of little importance or consequence to them.

Although incursions are driven back, there are constant threats to the Wood Elves’ forest home and way of life. In order to combat Athel Loren’s many foes, they have developed elite warriors and can call on the forest itself in its defence. In addition to this martial strength, beneath the forest floor lie the Worldroots, enabling subterranean travel; Elven armies – led by their perennial King in the Woods, Orion – emerging to surprise and defeat those who encroach upon Athel Loren’s glades and boughs uninvited…

In Battle[]

Unit Roster[]

Missile-focused Elven unit roster with a variety of enchanted arrows and fast-moving cavalry, including stag mounts and flying missile cavalry. Elven units tend to be lightly armoured, even compared to High Elves or Dark Elves. Amber is required to summon forest spirit units such as Dryads and Tree Men, which tend to be much tougher. However like other Elven races, they rely on elite troops - quality over quantity.

Talsyn spellcasters have access to the Lore of Life, Lore of Beasts and Lore of Shadows.


No artillery or war machine units.

Regiments of Renown[]

Wood Elves have several Regiments of Renown available. These are elite, unique versions of standard Wood Elves units.

In the Campaign[]

Orion and Durthu, flanked by Tree Kin, Wild Riders and Glade Guard. Hawk Riders and a Forest Dragon can be seen above.

Talsyn is a non-horde faction that occupies settlements and controls provinces, however they use a special colonization system different to all other races.

Legendary Lord choices[]

Talsyn players can choose from the following lords when starting a campaign. See the individual lord pages for information on their various bonuses in campaign.

  • Orion - a powerful melee fighter and army leader. He has no mounts but moves faster than average foot lords.

Wood Elves settlements[]

The Wood Elves use a totally different settlement system to other races, and are unaffected by regional occupation or climate. Instead, they build Forest Settlements inside the wood of Athel Loren. These have access to the full range of Wood Elf buildings and many building slots. Outside of this, they can only construct Asrai Lookouts which are very limited in building choice but are necessary to acquire Amber.

The Oak of Ages[]

The Oak of Ages is a special settlement which the player starts in control of, for both Talsyn and Argwylon. It provides faction-wide bonuses as it is upgraded, which requires Amber. To win the campaign it is necessary to fully upgrade the Oak, and if the Oak is destroyed the player will lose.


Bullet icon amber.pngAmber is a powerful resource that improves the Oak of Ages and the forces of Athel Loren. Amber is obtained through capturing territories or forming diplomatic agreements (usually alliances) with other factions. Amber is required to meet the campaign's Wonder victory conditions. Lacking enough Amber causes various economic problems.

Elven Council[]

Bullet icon elven council.pngThe Elven Council is a unique campaign mechanic for Talsyn, similar to the Fleet Offices for the Vampire Coast factions. Players can assign lords to various positions on the council, conferring different bonuses.


Bullet icon worldroots.pngWorldroots are a magical, ancient network of roots from the Oak of Ages, extending across the world. Elven armies can enter the Use Worldroots stance to use the Worldroots. This is done to avoid impassable terrain and enemy forces. While in this stance they can ambush or be intercepted, resulting in a Worldroots battle on a special battle map.

The Wild Hunt[]

The Wild Hunt is a unique event for Talsyn led by Orion, and is not available for Argwylon led by Durthu.


Main article: Wood Elves buildings

Which buildings are available differ depending on the type of settlement, as per the Wood Elves settlement system.


Main article: Wood Elves tech tree

Elven god-based technology tree, with two main branches boosting campaign map strategy/economy and battle performance.



Special stances: Bullet icon worldroots.pngUse Worldroots

Common stances: March, Encamp, Ambush, Raiding, Channelling.

Post-battle options[]

Talsyn/Argwylon post-battle options for captives are as follows:

  • Kill Captives
  • Release Captives

Settlement options[]

Talsyn/Argwylon have these settlement options when they have captured a settlement:

  • Raze
  • Seeding (creates Asrai Lookout, for settlements outside Athel Loren)
  • Occupy (for settlements in Athel Loren)


Main article: Wood Elves followers.

Originally did not have any, but they were added in the Foundation Update.

Climate Preferences[]

Talsyn has all climates available to them as Suitable, but have a unique settlement system.


Talsyn has no commandments.

Start Position[]

Wh dlc05 wef wood elves.png

Talsyn start in Talsyn in all campaigns.

Victory Conditions[]

Victory conditions for Talsyn in the campaign:

Ultimate campaign victory
  • Ensure that the following building has been constructed: Oak of Ages (Thriving)
  • Win the following battle: Defense of the Oak


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  • Wood Elves are incredibly delicate, and reliant on ranged damage to take out most of their enemies. As a result, you'll need to keep yourself moving away from the enemy, and avoid being surrounded. Fast races, such as Bretonnia, or armored races, such as Dwarfs, will be significantly more difficult to handle as a result. Focusing fire on threats (Such as cavalry or enemy ranged units) can mitigate this somewhat.
  • When facing Wood Elves, Vanguard Deployment and Cavalry can take away their advantage very quickly.


As noted above, Talsyn requires the Realm of the Wood Elves DLC for Total War: Warhammer to play.

Minor factions[]

On the campaign map, many minor factions are grouped together as Wood Elves. These all have a diplomatic positive racial bias towards each other, and use units from the Wood Elves unit roster.

The Old World:

Eye of the Vortex:

Mortal Empires:

Season of Revelation:

Chaos Invasion[]