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Technology is researched by factions in campaign mode. Technologies are researched on the Technology panel and bring a variety of benefits to units, buildings etc.

How research works[]

Only one technology (tech) may be researched at a time.

Each technology costs a certain amount of Technology.pngresearch points, with higher costs taking more turns to research.

The order in which technologies unlock and the benefits they bring can be browsed on the various branches of the technology tree.

Many races have special requirements to unlock certain techs, for instance The Empire and High Elves must construct certain buildings to unlock branches of their technology trees, or Norsca who must capture enemy racial capitals to unlock certain techs. In some cases, certain features may be locked behind technologies, such as the Greenskins who must research their end-game technologies in order to recruit Giants or Arachnarok Spiders (outdated).

The technology panel is access via clicking this the Sword and Quill icon in the bottom right while viewing the campaign map.

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