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The Badlands is a region located either inside or just south of The Old World (depending on your definition). It is north of The Southlands, west of the World's Edge Mountains. It is a region of dry plains and canyons which is infested with Greenskin Tribes. A notable feature of the Badlands are the Marshes of Madness - a haunted wetland which is located in between Eastern Badlands, Blightwater and Southern Badlands.

In Warhammer Fantasy lore, the Badlands were once home to the ancient empire of Mourkain, which was destroyed long ago. In the Mortal Empires campaign, the Ruins of Mourkain are a landmark in Galbaraz, Southern Badlands for the Vampire Counts. There are also several important settlements in the Badlands such as Black Crag, Karak Eight Peaks, Gronti Mingol and the aforementioned Galbaraz. Additionally, the Badlands are the only source of the Savage Orcs resource which allows Greenskins factions to recruit Savage Orcs units.

The Badlands were first introduced in Total War: Warhammer.

Much of the central areas of the Badlands is made up of desert/badlands terrain which causes attrition to armies travelling across it.


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