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The Bloody Handz is a playable sub-faction of the Greenskins introduced in Total War: Warhammer. It is led by Wurrzag da Great Green Prophet and can be found in the western Badlands.

These unruly warriors dwell in the Badlands, mountains and other wild areas and love nothing more than a good fight. From time to time, they will come together in a great “Waaagh!” - an invasion of civilised lands. Armies of Greenskins feature masses of poorly-disciplined infantry, alongside boar-riding cavalry and monsters like trolls and giant spiders.


Da Godz speak ta me. Listen, and I’ll tell ya.

Traditionally, the Greenskins wander the Badlands as individual tribes, only coming together when the call to Waaagh! goes out. One such occasion is now; Wurrzag - aligned with the Orcs of the Bloody Handz tribe, who seek the greatness they believe 'Da Great Green Prophet' can bring them - is abroad, and has wandered into the Dragonback Mountains in search of more than just plunder and the inevitable scrap to get his filthy green hands on it.

Wurrzag desires greatness for all his kind - for Greenskins to go beyond being merely an avaricious rabble and "reach for da skies". This will bring his force into conflict with other, potentially-sneakier Greenskins, plus bands of humies, stunties, and whatever-else dares get in their way. War is exactly what da Green Godz - Gork and Mork - want; they want it bloody and climactic, and they want it right now! And who is Wurrzag - most pious of all Orcs - to go against the word of da Godz? Exactly. Waaagh!

In battle[]

Plays largely the same as regular Greenskins factions but with a large focus on Savage Orcs.

In campaign[]

Plays largely the same as the other Greenskin factions, with the following exceptions:

Lord Choices[]

Savage Ways[]

Icon savageways.pngSavage Ways allows The Bloody Handz to recruit the following Savage Orcs units from any settlement they control. Unlike most other Greenskins factions, they are not limited to recruiting these units in a settlement which has the Resource savage orcs.pngSavage Orcs resource. This encourages recruiting of these powerful units earlier and more often.

Start Position[]

OotBH startpos.png

Starts in Western Badlands.

Victory Conditions[]

The same as for Grimgor's 'Ardboyz (see Greenskins#Victory Conditions), except you must destroy Grimgor's 'Ardboyz, instead of The Bloody Handz.


  • They were added in Update 4 in October 2016.