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The Churning Gulf Raiders is a minor faction of Rogue Pirates introduced in the Aye-Aye! Patch for Total War: Warhammer II. They are one of the seven legendary pirate armies, which must be defeated for Vampire Coast factions to raise their Infamy rank.

Unlike the Rogue Armies associated with the Books of Nagash for the Tomb Kings, this army is always on the map whether you are playing as the Vampire Coast or not. Additionally, they can declare war on factions they encounter.

However, they will always stay at sea and patrol a specific route. As long as you steer clear of them they won't give you any trouble.

They are grouped with Rogue Armies on the Diplomacy screen, though their crests all feature a notable blue stripe, as oppose to the red stripe generally seen on Rogue Armies.

Patrol Path[]

  • TBA

Unit Roster[]

  • Norscan unit roster


This is about the third weakest pirate faction, and is a decent threat but not a huge one. The scariest thing about this army is its mammoths, but ranged fire or dedicated anti-large will bring them down.

Diplomatic Traits[]

  • Once at war with a rogue pirate army, they cannot be negotiated with.

Crest Design[]

Like the Pirates of Sartosa, their crest design comes from a flag on the Swordfysh, a ship captained by Aranessa Saltspite in the Games Workshop game Dreadfleet.