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The Enemy Within is a Beastmen Dilemma.


Nobles of the Empire worship the Ruinous Powers, currying favour in hope of a heretical boon. Should we allow these undeserving fools to court the attention of the Dark Gods or should we put an end to their ignorant wants?


Allow them to continue[]

Recent events have led to an increase in Chaos corruption.

  • 4 turns
  • Chaos corruption +2 (all characters)

Kill them[]

Though some Empire lords worship the Ruinous Powers, it matters little. Filthy, Uncloven man-flesh is still flesh - human blood must still flow!

  • Blood of an Empire Lord (1 turn)
  • They are not the Children of Chaos. The Uncloven Ones must pay the price for their ignorance! Human blood must ALWAYS be spilled.
  • Bestial Rage +10 (all armies)
  • Chaos corruption -8 (all characters)