The Everchosen's Summons

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The Everchosen's Summons is a special dilemma for Norsca that occurs during the Chaos Invasion. You are given the choice to side with Archaon and the Warriors of Chaos, or to reject them and continue on your own campaign to bring ruin.

Options[edit | edit source]

The scars you rend deep into the lands and to their peoples and tribes has caught the attention not just of the the Fell Gods, but one who serves them above all others. The Everchosen has deigned to summon you forth. He has use for such a warlord, and "requests" you fight at his side in the war to come. Your armies shall march with his legions as he ravages the southern realms - the rewards will be great.... And yet, the destruction will be in his name. Forging your own bloody path is surely the quickest way to Daemonhood? Even if it risks the wrath of Archaon.

A Pact of Blood and Souls[edit | edit source]

A wise choice. Better to be part of the great invasion - to fight at the side of the great Everchosen - than to be wiped out before it even begins.

Follower of the Everchosen

You will recieve the following effects while the Warriors of Chaos faction exists:

Reject the Three-Eyed King[edit | edit source]

If the End Times come, it should be you that brings them about! Why be subservient to this self-entitled fool? Reject his offer and care not for his ire.

The True Everchosen

You will recieve the following effects after the Warriors of Chaos faction is defeated: