The Gods are Angry

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Background image for the The Gods are Angry dilemma when playing with a Vampire Counts Vampire Counts.png racial faction.

The Gods are Angry is a generic dilemma Icon general.png available to all racial factions introduced in Total War: Warhammer.

It enables the player to chose a temporaryCampaign turns.pngfactionwide bonus, either a minor public order Public order.pngbonus in exchange for a small money payment in own currency Icon treasury.png / Treasury VC.png / Treasury Chaos.png; or a moderate growth Growth.png bonus in exchange for a minor public order Public order.pngpenalty.

In-game description

The omens are ill - something you have done has angered the gods! Yet they are fickle; they may forgive you in time... or more immediate appeasement might be necessary!


  • None.

Trigger timing

  • As soon as all requirements are met there is a random chance the dilemma will trigger immediately.


Option 1: We'll see who is the fool!

  • < Treasury money payment > Icon treasury.png / Treasury VC.png / Treasury Chaos.png: -1000
  • Tribute Public order.png
    • Turns remainingCampaign turns.png: 5
    • Public order Public order.png: +4 (all provinces)

The tribute to the gods has placated the population.

There will be a large tribute, the day marked with a great feast or sacrifice.

Option 2: So be it

  • Angry Gods Growth.png
    • Turns remainingCampaign turns.png: 5
    • Growth Growth.png: +20 (all provinces)
    • Public order Public order.png: -3 (all provinces)

Your realm grows, but it comes at a cost.

Let them stew! They should be patient, for your realm will endure and grow and they will reap the benefit.