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The Mace of Ulumak is a unique quest for the legendary lord Gor-Rok, who leads the Itza faction of the Lizardmen race, introduced in Total War Warhammer II The Empire Undivided Update free DLC to obtain one his exclusive items, the unique Mace of Ulumak weapon.

Yukannadoozat asks Gor-Rok to retrieve his powerful mace from the vile Skaven so the quest involves razing and sacking Skaven settlements.

In-game description[]

The astromancers have spoken - the signs show that the Mace of Ulumak has been taken deep underground by the foul ratkin. Chase them down into their dens and wrest your rightful tool back!


  • Player is a Lizardmen faction
  • Player owns the legendary lord Gor-Rok
  • Gor-Rok reaches level 2

Trigger timing[]

  • As soon as all requirements are met there is a 100% chance the quest will trigger immediately.


  • Raze or sack 3 different settlements belonging to the following race: Skaven



  • You need to raze or sack different settlements so there is no point of sacking or razing the same one.