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The Northern Provinces is a playable Grand Cathay faction introduced in Total War: Warhammer III. It is led by Miao Ying.

How they play[]

  • To be announced

Legendary Lords[]

Starting territory[]

The Realm of Chaos

Faction effects[]

  • Corruption: -2
  • Leadership: +10% when fighting against Daemons of Chaos
  • Ammunition: +20% for missile units

Victory objectives[]

The Realm of Chaos[]

Forge of Souls[]

Complete the survival battle for each Chaos Realm and then win the final battle


Diplomatic traits[]

The Realm of Chaos

Starting agreements[]

Non aggression pact with Celestial Loyalists

War with: Rebels of Nan Yan, Dissenter Lords of Jinshen, Kurgan Warband, Sarthoreal's Watchers, Dreaded Wo, Khanzag The Realm of Chaos

  • To be announced


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The Rebel Lords of Nan-Yang will be your initial opponent, a thorn to your plans to defend the Great Bastion. Defeat them and prevent them from adding to your burdens.

You must focus your efforts to rebuild broken sections of the Great Bastion. When you need caravans to fund your mission, make sure they are armed with a sturdy formation of infantry and anti-large units, especially when dealing with Ogres that may threaten to eat precious troops. Defeating Ogres during the caravan will also aid your efforts with some loot gained from the slain Ogre Lord.

Occasionally, Chaos-aligned warlords will emerge at the middle of Cathay while you defend the Great Bastion, and vice versa when Chaos warlords will approach the Great Bastion with reinforcements. Train another Lord and arm him or her with powerful troops to keep the Chaos Lords busy while you handle the current threat, and make sure you have enough sources of income.