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The map at the beginning of the campaign. Each coloured area represents a different faction. The icons represent resources for trading.

For the lore region, see The Old World (region)

The Old World is the name of the main campaign of Total War: Warhammer.

The provinces and factions from the Old World are also included in the Mortal Empires campaign for Total War: Warhammer II.


See campaign for a general guide on how to play campaign.

  • There are 5 free playable races, divided into 8 playable factions with 13 starting legendary lords. See the bottom of the page for a list of playable factions/lords.
  • Each faction has a different starting position, difficulty, and unique gameplay.
  • DLC content adds many new playable races/factions/lords (even if you don't own any DLC, those factions still appear in the campaign for you to interact with, they just won't be playable).
  • The Chaos Invasion is a scripted event that happens later in the campaign. It is much like the arrival of Attila in Attila: Total War. Each of the factions (unless you yourself are playing the Warriors of Chaos) needs to deal with Archaon in one way or another - either through joining him or defeating him.
  • The Regional occupation system limits which races can occupy which provinces.

Interactive map[]

This map represents The Old World campaign for Total War: Warhammer. The key for regional occupation:

Province list[]

Province Settlements Regional occupation Special buildings Trade goods Starting owner
  • Waterfall Palace: Province capital
Wood Elves Averland
  • Averheim: Province capital.
  • Grenzstadt: Minor settlement.
Humans Averland
  • Castle Bastonne: Province capital.
  • Montfort: Minor settlement.
Humans Bastonne
Black Mountains
  • Karak Angazhar: Minor settlement.
  • Karak Hirn: Province capital.
  • Mighdal Vongalbarak: Minor settlement.
Dwarfs Karak Hirn

Black Venom (Karak Anghazhar)

  • Deff Gorge: Minor settlement.
  • Karak Azgal: Province capital.
  • Kradtommen: Minor settlement.
  • Misty Mountain: Minor settlement.
Dwarfs Red Fangs (Karak Azgal and Deff Gorge)

Karak Azul (Kradtommen and Misty Mountain)

Blood River Valley
  • Barag Dawazbag: Minor settlement.
  • Barak Varr: Coastal province capital.
  • Dok Karaz: Minor port.
  • Varenka Hills: Minor port.
Dwarfs Barak Varr (Barak Varr and Varenka Hills)

Scabby Eye (Barag Dawazbag and Dok Karaz)

  • Aquitaine: Minor port.
  • Bordeleaux: Province capital and port.
Humans Morceaux Valley Orchards
Morceaux Valley Vintners
Morceaux Valley Vineyards
Bordeleaux Wine Market
Bordeleaux Port
Bordeleaux Harbour
Manann's Dry Docks
  • Brionne: Coastal province capital.
  • Castle Carcassonne: Province capital.
Humans Tower of the Enchantress Carcassonne
  • Couronne: Province capital.
  • L'Anguille: Coastal minor port.
Humans Couronne Tournament Grounds
Abbey of the Grail Companions
Death Pass
  • Black Crag: Strategic province capital.
  • Iron Rock: Minor port.
  • Karag Dron: Minor settlement.
Dwarfs Greenskins

Red Fangs

Bloody Spearz

Desolation of Nagash
  • Black Iron Mine: Minor settlement.
  • Karak Azul: Province capital.
  • Spitepeak: Minor settlement.
  • Resource iron.pngIron (Black Iron Mine)
  • Resource salt.pngSalt (Karak Azul)
Karak Azul
Eastern Badlands
  • Crooked Fang Fort: Minor settlement.
  • Dringorackaz: Minor settlement.
  • Karak Eight Peaks: Province capital.
  • Valaya's Sorrow: Minor settlement.
Dwarfs Deep Passageways
Looted Treasure Halls
Defiled Ancestor Tombs
Reinforced Citadel
Recovered Underhalls
Ancestor Tombs
Crooked Moon (Karak Eight Peaks)

Red Fangs (Fort and Valaya's Sorrow)

Karak Azul (Dringorackaz)

Eastern Border Princes
  • Akendorf: Province capital.
  • Matorca: Minor port.
Humans Border Princes
Eastern Oblast
  • Praag: Coastal province capital
  • Volksgrad: Minor settlement.
Humans Kislev
Eastern Sylvania
  • Castle Drakenhof : Faction capital.
  • Eschen: Minor settlement.
  • Waldenhof: Minor settlement.
Humans Mausoleum of the Mad Count Vampire Counts (Drakenhof)


  • Magritta: Strategic coastal province capital.
  • Tobaro: Minor port.
  • Bilbali: Minor port.
Humans Archecclesiatium of Myrmidia Estalia
Forest of Arden
  • Castle Artois: Province capital.
  • Gisoreux: Minor settlement.
Humans Artois
Gianthome Mountains
  • Khazid Bordkarag: Minor settlement.
  • Kraka Drak: Province capital.
  • Sjoktraken: Minor settlement.
Dwarfs Kraka Drak
Goromandy Mountains
  • Baersonling's Camp: Norsca camp.
  • Frozen Landing: Norsca camp.
  • Resource iron.pngIron (Baersonling's Camp)
Goromadny Tribe
Helspire Mountains
  • Graeling Moot: Norsca camp.
  • Serpent Jetty: Norsca camp.
  • The Monolith of Katam: Norsca camp.
Norsca Helspire Tribe
  • Hergig: Province capital.
  • Brass Keep: Minor settlement.
Humans Hochland
Ice Tooth Mountains
  • Icedrake Fjord: Norsca camp and province capital.
  • Doomkeep: Norsca camp.
  • Longship Graveyard: Norsca camp.
Norsca Norsca (Fjord)

Skaeling (Doomkeep and Graveyard)

  • Lyonesse: Province capital and port.
  • Mousillon: Minor settlement.
Humans Lyonesse


  • Middenheim: Province capital.
  • Carroburg: Strategic settlement.
  • Weismund: Minor settlement.
Humans Knights Panther Chapterhouse
Great Temple of Ulric
Mountains of Hel
  • Aeslings Conclave: Norsca camp.
  • Altar of Spawns: Norsca camp.
  • Winter Pyre: Norsca camp.
Norsca Naglfarglings

Wintertooth (Winter Pyre)

Mountains of Naglfari
  • Naglfari Plain: Norsca camp.
  • Varg Camp: Norsca camp.
Norsca Varg
  • Dietershafen: Minor port.
  • Salzenmund: Province capital.
Humans Nordland
Northern Grey Mountains
  • Blackstone Post: Minor settlement.
  • Grung Zint: Minor settlement.
  • Karak Ziflin: Province capital.
Dwarfs Karak Ziflin

Skullsmasherz (Grung Zint)

Northern Oblast
  • Fort Ostrosk: Province capital.
  • Fort Straghov: Minor settlement.
Humans Kislev
Northern Worlds Edge Mountains
  • Karak Ungor: Province capital.
  • Khazid Irkulaz: Minor settlement.
Humans Red Eye
  • Bechafen: Province capital.
  • Essen: Minor settlement.
Humans Kislev
  • Castle Von Rauken: Minor settlement.
  • Norden: Minor port.
  • Wolfenburg: Province capital.
Humans Ostland
  • Parravon: Province capital.
  • Quenelles: Minor settlement.
Humans Parravon
Peak Pass
  • Karak Kadrin: Strategic province capital.
  • Gnashraks Lair: Minor settlement.
Dwarfs Great Slayer Shrine of Karak Kadrin Karak Kadrin

Red Eye

  • Altdorf: Faction capital.
  • Eilhart: Minor port.
  • Grunburg: Minor settlement.
  • Helmgart: Minor settlement.
Humans Altdorf Conclave of Battle Wizards
Altdorf Colleges of Magic
Empire (Altdorf)

Empire Secessionists

Rib Peaks
  • Grom Peak: Minor settlement.
  • Mount Gunbad: Strategic province capital.
Dwarfs Brightstone Mine Bloody Spearz
Southern Badlands
  • Agrul Migdhal: Minor port.
  • Galbaraz: Province capital.
  • Gor Gazan: Minor settlement.
  • Gronti Mingol: Minor port.
Dwarfs Top Knotz

Teef Snatchaz (Gronti Mingol)

Southern Grey Mountains
  • Grimhold: Minor settlement.
  • Karak Azgaraz: Minor settlement.
  • Karak Norn: Province capital.
Dwarfs Karak Norn

Crooked Moon (Karak Azgaraz)

Southern Oblast
  • Fort Jakova: Minor settlement.
  • Kislev: Faction capital.
  • Zavastra: Minor settlement.
Humans Bokha Palace Kislev
  • The Moot: Minor settlement.
  • Wurtbad: Province capital.
Humans Stirland
  • Kemperbad: Minor settlement.
  • Talabheim: Strategic province capital.
Humans Blazing Sun Chapterhouse Talabecland
  • King's Glade: Province capital.
Wood Elves Wood Elves
The Silver Road
  • Karaz-a-Karak: Faction capital.
  • Mount Squighorn: Minor settlement.
  • The Pillars of Grungni: Minor settlement.
Dwarfs Throne Hall of the High King Dwarfs (Karaz-a-Karak)

Bloody Spearz

The Vaults
  • Karak Bhufdar: Minor settlement.
  • Karak Izor: Province capital.
  • Zarakzil: Minor settlement.
Dwarfs Clan Angrund (Karak Izor)

Broken Nose

The Wasteland
  • Gorssel: Minor settlement.
  • Marienburg: Strategic coastal province capital.
Humans Marienburg Docks
Marienburg Harbour
Marienburg Port
  • Miragliano: Strategic coastal province capital.
  • Luccini: Minor port.
Humans Tilea
  • Vaul's Anvil: Strategic province capital.
Wood Elves Torgovann
Troll Country
  • Erengrad: Strategic coastal province capital.
  • Zoishenk: Minor settlement.
Humans Erengrad Docks
Erengrad Port
Erengrad Harbour
Cave of the Rocky Throne
Chaos Troll Lair (Greenskins)
Trollheim Mountains
  • Bay of Blades: Norsca camp.
  • Sarl Encampment: Norsca camp.
  • The Tower of Khrakk: Norsca camp.
Norsca Varg
Vanaheim Mountains
  • Bjornling's Gathering: Norsca camp.
  • Pack Ice Bay: Norsca camp.
  • Troll Fjord: Norsca camp.
Norsca Vanaheimlings
Western Badlands
  • Bitterstone Mine: Minor settlement.
  • Dragonhorn Mines: Minor settlement.
  • Ekrund: Province capital.
  • Stonemine Tower: Minor port.
Dwarfs The Bloody Handz

Teef Snatchaz

Scabby Eye

Western Border Princes
  • Myrmidens: Coastal province capital.
  • Zvorak: Minor settlement.
Humans Border Princes
Western Sylvania
  • Castle Templehof: Province capital.
  • Fort Oberstyre: Minor settlement.
  • Schwartzhafen: Minor settlement.
Humans Templehof

Von Carstein (Schwartzhaften)

  • Nuln: Strategic province capital.
  • Pfeildorf: Minor settlement.
  • Wissenburg: Minor settlement.
Humans Nuln Cannon Foundry
Nuln Gunnery School
  • Crag Halls of Findol: Strategic province capital.
Wood Elves Wydrioth (Faction)
Yn Edri Eternos
  • The Oak of Ages: Province capital
Wood Elves Wood Elves
  • Karag Dromar: Minor settlement.
  • Oakenhammer: Minor settlement.
  • Zhufbar: Province capital.
Dwarfs Zhufbar

Playable factions and lords[]

Legendary Lords in The Old World
Race Faction Lord name Campaign unlock requirements Required DLC
Dwarfs Dwarfs Thorgrim Grudgebearer Clear 8 Grudges Free in base game
Ungrim Ironfist Occupy Karak Kadrin in Peak Pass Free in base game
Grombrindal Construct a Monument of Grimnir Free download on Steam
Clan Angrund Belegar Ironhammer The King and the Warlord
The Empire The Empire Emperor Karl Franz Confederate with another faction Free in base game
Balthasar Gelt Construct the Altdorf Conclave of Battle Wizards Free in base game
Volkmar the Grim Construct a Temple of Sigmar The Grim and the Grave
Vampire Counts Vampire Counts Mannfred von Carstein Occupy all of Eastern and Western Sylvania Free in base game
Heinrich Kemmler Construct a Forbidden Library Free in base game
Helman Ghorst Choose the Assimilate post-battle option 10 times The Grim and the Grave
Von Carstein Vlad von Carstein Free, no download required
Isabella von Carstein Free download on Steam
Greenskins Greenskins Grimgor Ironhide Choose the Slaughter post-battle option 10 times Free in base game
Azhag the Slaughterer Construct a Shaman's Hut Free in base game
The Bloody Handz Wurrzag Free download on Steam
Crooked Moon Skarsnik The King and the Warlord
Beastmen Beastmen Khazrak the One-Eye Choose the Sacrifice post-battle option 10 times Call of the Beastmen
Malagor the Dark Omen Construct a Ritual Mound Call of the Beastmen
Morghur the Shadowgave Construct a Pits of Horror Call of the Beastmen
Warriors of Chaos Warriors of Chaos Archaon the Everchosen Choose the Slaughter post-battle option 10 times Chaos Warriors Race Pack
Sigvald the Magnificent Awaken 4 Norscan Tribes Chaos Warriors Race Pack
Kholek Suneater Construct a Dragon Ogre Gathering Chaos Warriors Race Pack
Bretonnia Bretonnia King Louen Leoncoeur Free download on Steam
Bordeleaux Alberic de Bordeleaux Free download on Steam
Carcassonne The Fay Enchantress Free download on Steam
Wood Elves Wood Elves Orion Realm of the Wood Elves
Argwylon Durthu Realm of the Wood Elves
Norsca Norsca Wulfrik the Wanderer Norsca (DLC)
Wintertooth Throgg Norsca (DLC)


  • Sarthorael the Everwatcher - if you win The Old World campaign, Sarthorael becomes available to Warriors of Chaos in custom and multiplayer battles.


Factions in The Old World
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