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Not to be confused with the Realm of Chaos region of the campaign map.

The Total War: Warhammer III campaign map

Seen in the announcement trailer.

The Realm of Chaos is the main campaign for Total War: Warhammer III.

According to Creative Assembly's Ian Roxburgh it is "roughly twice the size" of the Eye of the Vortex map from Total War: Warhammer II.[1]

The Far East, parts of the The Old World, Norsca, The Dark Lands and the Realm of Chaos will feature as regions in the campaign.

It should not be confused with Immortal Empires, which will be a combined campaign for players who own all three games - the successor to Mortal Empires.

As a multiplayer campaign, it can host up to a maximum of eight players.


The Winds of Magic roil, stirred into a tempest by the roar of a dying god. Now Daemon and mortal alike must break through the eldritch storm and enter the Realm of Chaos in search of the ultimate prize. Will the Daemonic Lords of Chaos claim victory and find favour with their dark masters? Or shall the denizens of a world scarred by contant war endure the trials and temptations of the Chaos Realms? The choice is yours...


The main goal in this campaign is to get to the Realm of Chaos, and kill each of the Chaos Gods' four champions to absorb their souls into the Tome of Fate. Doing so reveals the passage into the Forge of Souls, where Be'lakor keeps Ursun as a prisoner. The victor will take Ursun's blood to activate the Tome of Fate.

  • Kislev seeks to free Ursun from Bel'akor, in order to break the winter destroying their country.
  • Grand Cathay seeks Ursun to reveal the location and fate of Shen-Zoo, one of Cathay's dragons.
  • The Ogre Kingdoms wish to eat Ursun, and sacrifice his remains to the Great Maw.
  • The Daemon Prince seeks to kill Ursun and absorb his power, turning him into a fifth chaos god.
  • Skarbrand seeks to take Ursun's skull to regain Khorne's favor.
  • Ku'gath Plaguefather seeks to take Ursun's body for his experiments.
  • Kairos Fateweaver seeks to take Ursun's eyes to see both the past, present, and future.
  • N'Kari seeks to feed on Ursun's sorrow and eternally treasure it.


After several turns, Ursun roars in pain, causing Chaos Rifts to burst open all over the land. No matter what happens, Ursun will still die, leaving the victorious faction to decide whether to use his remains or even revive him.

Even after you have defeated Belakor, you can still choose to continue the campaign. Doing so allows you to recruit Be'lakor, even if you are not playing as a Chaos-aligned faction. Alternatively, you can choose to banish Be'lakor for a permanent set of campaign buffs.

Races, factions and legendary lords[]


The following playable races, factions and Legendary Lords are available:

Minor factions[]

Minor factions revealed so far:

Beastmen Warherds:

Demons of Chaos:


Grand Cathay:







Ogre Kingdoms:

Rogue Armies:



The Empire:


Vampire Counts:

Warriors of Chaos:

Wood Elves:


Empire and Grey Mountains:



World's Edge Mountains:

Dark Lands:

Mountains of Mourn:

Grand Cathay:

Chaos Wastes:

Realm of Chaos:


  • Kraken Sea
  • Frozen Sea
  • Sea of Chaos
  • Sea of Claws
  • The Gulf of Kislev
  • Dragon River
  • Jade River
  • Great River
  • The Sea of Dread
  • Kraken Sea
  • Frozen Sea
  • Sea of Chaos
  • Sea of Claws
  • The Gulf of Kislev
  • Dragon River
  • Jade River
  • Great River
  • The Sea of Dread

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