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The Rise of Chaos is a notification that indicates the initial spawning of Warriors of Chaos stacks in the Chaos Wastes.


Dire tidings from the North!

The tendrils of Chaos writhe and reach out from the accursed wastes, tainting the land and sowing dissent. Their corrupt forces wax ever stronger, and now their agents are abroad, spreading the foul corruption of their malign Gods.

On their heels come bands of marauding warriors led by the most zealous of the Chaos Lords, eager to wreak destruction in the name of the Ruinous Powers. And all the while, ever more warriors flock to some focal point in the Chaos Wastes, a nexus of power that transcends their petty rivalries and impels them to join with the numberless horde.

Doom approaches, and it is only in strength that any hope may be found!