The Risen Isle

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The Risen Isle is a shipwreck treasure hunt introduced in Total War: Warhammer II.


The mists part to reveal and island uncharted by even the Great Mapwright. High spars of rock jut from the ocean, like spikes in a trap - a trap that has ensnared some prey. A wrecked ship lies impaled on the small island's coastline; its crew seem to have moved into the interior along with any valuables that may have been onboard. Your ship wisely drops anchor far offshore before the crew make landfall in search of treasure.


  • Materials at Sea
    • During your antics on the high seas you acquired a bounty of lumber that will enable the rapid construction of buildings when returned to port.
    • Construction cost -30% for all buildings all regions
    • Income from all buildings +10% (all regions)
  • Uncommon item (in the example: Blade of Darting Steel)