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The campaign map of the Season of Revelation. Click to expand.

The Season of Revelation is a mini-campaign in Total War: Warhammer, featuring the Wood Elves. It is part of the Realm of the Wood Elves DLC.

Gameplay overview[]

The Season of Revelation focuses-in to take a close look at the forest of Athel Loren and the surrounding Bretonnian Kingdoms. Players are tasked with uniting the woodlands and defeating Morghur and his Beastmen. Additionally, players must upgrade and defend the Oak of Ages.

Playable factions:

Victory conditions:

  • Ensure that the following building has been constructed Oak of Ages (thriving)
  • Do not lose control of the following settlement: Oak of Ages
  • Win the following battle: The Silver Spire


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Though only the main two Wood Elves factions are playable, this campaign is inhabited by many more Wood Elf factions, along with Bretonnians, Dwarfs, and Greenskins. Some of which appear in the Grand Campaign while others are exclusive to this campaign. Morghur's Warherd of the Shadowgave serve as the main antagonist.


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Season of Revelation has the following provinces:

In Athel Loren:

Outside Athel Loren:


  • Northern Golfe de Bidouze
  • Southern Golfe de Bidouze


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  • The Red Duke - If you win The Season of Revelation campaign, The Red Duke will be available for Vampire Counts in custom and multiplayer battles.