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The Thousand Maws is a playable Dark Elves faction introduced in Total War: Warhammer II, led by Rakarth. They were introduced as a free DLC as part of The Rakarth Update. A faction of Dark Elf beastmasters, they are playable in campaign, custom battles and multiplayer.


Since the distant days of Nagarythe, the Dark Elves have been experts at bending beasts and animals to their will. However, some show exceptional aptitude in this, and can command even the unruliest beasts with a single word. They are the famed Beastmasters. When a child shows talent for taming animals he is sent to the city of Karond Kar to study under the masters who dwell there.

The Beastmasters of Clar Karond and Karond Kar can command even the wildest creatures to do their bidding. In part, this mastery springs from their unflinching dedication to the tormentor's craft, but brutality alone would be worthless without a Beastmaster's innate empathy. All Elves share a mystical attunement with the natural world, but while most embrace this bond to gain greater wisdom and fellowship with other living creatures, Dark Elves, and Beastmasters in particular, employ it as another weapon in their arsenal of torment. It matters not whether the beast is a raging Manticore, a cunning Harpy, or the wisest of all Caledor's ancient Dragons: eventually, all submit to the Beastmaster's will, or perish under his lash.

How They Play[]

For general information about Dark Elves, see that page.

  • Units: Dark Elves unit roster is fairly well-rounded, with a focus on elite infantry and cavalry, backed up by hydras and spellcasters.
  • Murderous Prowess: In battle, Dark Elf armies gain extra bonuses after inflicting a certain amount of damage.
  • Slaves: In campaign, Dark Elves gather the slaves resource, which boosts the economy at the expense of public order.
  • Black Arks: These are powerful naval units which can be used to recruit armies at sea.
  • Names of Power: Dark Elf lords can acquire different Names of Power which have varying effects.
  • Loyalty: Dark Elf lords have a loyalty stat, which can cause them to rebel, taking their army with them. High Loyalty lords can offer items.
  • Sword of Khaine: As a Dark Elf faction, The Thousand Maws can draw the Sword of Khaine.
  • In Battle

The Thousand Maws uses the Dark Elves unit roster.

They have access to certain monstrous units from Norsca, Lizardmen, and the Wood Elves (Wargrove of Woe only) rosters, through their unique Monster Pens faction mechanic.

In Campaign[]

Faction effects

  • Monster Pens: Capture a variety of hideous beasts and send them into battle
  • Forces do not receive vigour penalties from raiding Stance.
  • -10% Upkeep cost for monstrous units
  • [Unlisted: Suitable Climate includes Temperate]

Lord effects

  • +8 Melee defence for monstrous units (Lord's army)
  • Recruitment duration -1 for all monstrous units (minimum 1) (Lord's army)
  • Ability: Whiplash!
  • Ability: Beastlord's Gaze

Diplomatic traits[]

  • Naval Aggressor
  • Supremacy
  • Underdog

Starting Location[]

Eye of the Vortex

  • Albion (Isle of Wights settlement only)

Mortal Empires

  • Albion (Albion the settlement only)


Eye of the Vortex

Mortal Empires

Victory conditions[]

Eye of the Vortex campaign map[]

Vortex Victory:[]

Domination Victory:[]

Mortal Empires campaign map[]

Long campaign victory[]

Short campaign victory[]

Chapter Objectives[]

Chapter I: Of Maws & Men[]

Rank Name Objective Reward In-game description
Primary objective Of Maws & Men Maintain 25 units in total Icon treasury.png 2000 The rabid beasts of the Thousand Maws are mighty indeed, for many wars have been won on the backs of Lord Rakarth's monstrous horde alone. Yet it is foot soldiers, archers and mounted warriors that are the focal point around which battles are typically lost and won. Be it with more beasts or Druchii warriors, Rakarth must bolster his army to ensure the inevitability of his victory in the name of slaves, plunder and conquest.
Bonus objective I Divided They Fall Raid any region belonging to the following race: Icon treasury.png 1000 Rampant raiding and pillaging has swelled the coffers of the Norscan tribes; a veritable boon for any with the strength to relieve them of their riches.
Bonus objective II In Pursuit of Excellence Reach rank 3 with the following character: Icon treasury.png 1000 Ruling over both Druchii and dreaded beasts alike requires a will of impenetrable steel; something which Rakarth seeks to prove with every brutal conquest over his foes
Bonus objective III An Iron Grip Hold 3 settlements Icon treasury.png 1000 Power is not something freely given, but taken with a clenched, iron fist. Rakarth knows well, there is no better illustration of power than controlling every vast swathe of land in his path.
Bonus objective IV Call to Arms Ensure that the following building has been constructed: Icon treasury.png 1000 An army is built around the strength of those one can call to their command, and the mightiest of armies can call thousand under their banner in times of need.
Bonus objective V The Chains of War Capture 2500 battle captives Icon treasury.png 1000 Rakarth knows well the value of captives in battle - each one of them might fetch a pretty price in the slave markets, and finance the conquering of their kin.


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