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This page is about the Eye of the Vortex province, for other uses see Vampire Coast (disambiguation).
The Vampire Coast
CampaignEye of the Vortex
Starting factionThe Awakened

The Vampire Coast is a jungle province in Eye of the Vortex in Total War: Warhammer II. It previously also contained The Star Tower, but that city was moved to the Volcanic Islands.


The Vampire Coast is located on the eastern shore of Lustria facing the Great Ocean, between the Tarantula coast to the north and Axlotl to the south. The land is described as a region of foggy, pestilent jungle and fetid swamps.

Nearby areas are the Pox Marsh, the Jungle of Webs, the Blood Swamps, the estuary of River Qurveza and the volcanic islands of the Fuming Serpent and the Spitting Serpent, although it is not clear how much political control Luthor Harkon actually exerts over all of these lands.

The winds and currents along this coast are incredibly treacherous to unwary vessels, which has allowed Luthor's army to become swollen with the raised corpses of all manner of unfortunate mariners.

This stretch of coastline became infamous as the "Vampire Coast" because any Elven ship which passed too close was destined to meet a dire fate. High Elf naval captains also report ghostly ships in the fog, and a siren-wail that lures sailors to their doom.[1]


Eye of the Vortex[]

Settlement Type Port Climate Starting faction Resources Special buildings
The Awakening Province capital Yes Jungle The Awakened Special settlement chain
Ancient Vault
Pox Marsh Minor Vampire Coast Mutineers Resource pottery.png Pottery
The Blood Swamps Minor Resource dyes.png Dyes