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The Warrior King is a unique quest for the Wood Elves race introduced in Total War Warhammer II The Twisted and the Twilight DLC.

It is part of the Wood Elves faction mechanic to confederate other Wood Elves factions such as Talsyn in this case. As long as the Argwylon faction exists, it can be triggered by completing the Oak of Ages (Budding) building in the The Oak of Ages settlement, the province capital of Yn Edri Eternos. It involves razing and sacking settlements.

In-game description[]

Ariel and Isha have long been one and the same, their desires merged into a single whole. Orion's personality, however, is a melding not only of Kurnous, but also the last Elf whose flesh was chosen to bear Kurnous' spirit. The one selected by the Wild Riders on the eve of the last vernal equinox was a particularly combative individual, whose love for warmongering in the forest's defence was said to exceed that of any his peers. With that in mind, it will take little more than some displays of martial prowess to garner the approval of the current manifestation of the King in the Woods, who could become a most valuable ally.


  • Player is a Wood Elves faction but not Talsyn
  • Player has completed the Oak of Ages (Budding) building in The Oak of Ages settlement
  • Faction Talsyn exists

Trigger timing[]

  • As soon as all requirements are met there is a 100% chance the quest will trigger immediately.


  • Raze or sack the following number of settlements: 10


  • You will be given the opportunity to confederate with the faction of Talsyn (it will trigger the The Warrior King dilemma)