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Tilea is a minor Southern Realms faction introduced in Total War: Warhammer.

It is led by Leonardo Catrazza and can be found in the southwestern parts of the Old World, south of Bretonnia. As they are not part of the Empire they cannot be confederated with by any playable Empire faction. They also use a limited roster of Empire troops from tiers 1-3 and a limited set of heroes and mount options.[1]


Tilea is a large fertile peninsula located within the southernmost border of the Old World, along the tranquil coast of the warm and bountiful Tilean Sea. The wealthy city-states that dot Tilea's landscape embrace the ideals of trade, exploration, progression and civil war with almost equal passion. Tilea is a land of great wealth and advancement, a land known far and wide for being the cradle from which the ideals of democracy, civil liberty and justice was birthed, founded, and established. It is only from here that the first true Republics were formed by the nation's people, such as the Republic of Remas, while others are ruled by a powerful caste of wealthy merchants, known collectively as the Merchant Princes.

Yet for all its wealth and advancement, Tilea is, like much of the Old World, a fractious, war-torn region, where the fertile countryside becomes the battleground from which legions of mercenaries clash in titanic struggles that serve no purpose other than to advance the petty and greedy ambition of the rich and the few.[1]


They start in a central position surrounded by both friends and enemies. Estalia is just across the ocean to the west, but so is Khazrak's Beastmen horde and in Mortal Empires the Skaven of Clan Skryre reside within Skavenblight in close proximity. South of Tilea lies Sartosa where the hostile Pirates of Sartosa make their home. To the north is The Vaults which separate them from The Empire. East lies the relatively friendly Border Princes but also many Greenskins. However they do benefit from mountains and ocean protecting them.

Starting territory[]

The Old World
Mortal Empires

Diplomatic traits[]

  • Defensive - More concerned with maintaining borders than expanding them. Conquest is not their business.
  • Distrust the Empire - This leader doesn't trust most Imperial leaders, and that has an effect on diplomatic relations.


  • Tilea currently uses the Empire unit roster.