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Tlax, the City of Ghost lies close to the Tarantula Coast, a stretch of coastline upon which seaborne invaders may land with relative ease. As a result of its location, only fifty miles or so inland, many intruders have come to Tlax. Very few, however, have left. Tlax, called with good reason the City of Ghosts, is quite literally haunted by the far distant past. It is as if the calamitous events of the Great Catastrophe were etched into the very air itself, to be replayed, over and over, at the alignment of particular constellations. At certain times of day or night, spectral forms battle one another for possession of the city — mighty, ghostly Saurus marching to war against hordes of leering Daemons. Those treasure hunters who have witnessed such sights have fled screaming into the jungle, their sanity shattered, most falling prey to Lustria's many deadly threats long before reaching the safety of the coast.[1]