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A Tomb Kings rite being performed.

These are the rites available to Tomb Kings in the campaign mode of Total War: Warhammer II.

They should not be confused with rituals in the Eye of the Vortex campaign.

Great Incantation of Tahoth[]

Once invoked, the God of scholars reveals secrets even lost to the Mortuary Cult. Due to Tahoth's summons, souls are called more freely from their realm.

Unlocks after owning 20 units.

Cost: 5000 money, Cooldown: 15 turns, Duration: 5 turns.

Great Incantation of Ptra[]

When invoking the Sun God - the Creator God - one of his builder-disciples will arise, and at the Tomb King's command, fashion a city worthy of Khemri.

Unlocks after performing a action with a Necrotect hero.

Cost: 4000 money, Cooldown: 25 turns.

  • A unique hero (Ptra's Necrotect), capable of colonizing ruins at settlement level III, will be summoned to your capital.

Great Incantation of Khsar[]

The God of the desert is invoked, and a mighty sandstorm blasts across the dunes to rid the Land of the Dead of trespassers both living and dead.

Unlocks after owning 3 settlements.

Cost: 3000 money, Cooldown: 20 turns, Duration: 5 turns.

  • All local regions belonging to you will be hit by sandstorms, causing attrition to any foreign armies.
  • Your armies are immune to sandstorm attrition.
  • Ambush success chance +50% (all armies)
  • Army ability Sand Veil available to your armies in battle, for the duration of the rite.

Great Incantation of Geheb[]

The God of strength marshals his power, and so the city-states are restored to their former glory. The pyramids grow tall, and desert fauna grows tall at Geheb's howl.

Unlocks after constructing the Nehekharan Citadel building.

Cost: 2000 money, Cooldown: 25 turns, Duration: 10 turns.

  • Canopic Jars generated: 1 per turn
  • Growth +30 (all owned provinces)
  • Construction time -25% for all buildings in all owned settlements
  • Army ability: Tomb Swarm becomes available for all armies, for the duration of the rite.