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Article expansion requests[]

There are quite a few articles in Category:Expansion required which need a kind volunteer who has bought various DLCs to go in and fill out the details.
I have The King and the Warlord, so I have filled out most of the relevant information from that DLC. However, people with Chaos Warriors, Call of the Beastmen, The Grim and the Grave, Realm of the Wood Elves, and Norsca (DLC), would be helping us out a lot if they could write down the details for the DLC-specific units and Legendary Lords.
Thanks =)
LunaShroom (talk) 12:31, 30 August 2017 (UTC)

Article designs[]

Main article: Article Design Tests
The current style for "building rosters" (e.g. Empire buildings) has several issues. There is currently no information provided as to what tier/level the main settlement needs to before each building can be constructed. There is also no information about which buildings are part of the same chain (what buildings upgrade into). These ought to be resolved before anyone creates the pages required for Wood Elf Buildings, and Beastmen buildings, and before updating the Bretonnia buildings.
There are also no tech tree pages on this wiki currently, so a style needs to be designed for these pages.
Please take a look at the current design proposals and leave feedback, or add something of your own that you think would look good.
LunaShroom (talk) 12:51, 2 September 2017 (UTC)