Total War: Warhammer III introduced a number of new abilities, listed in the table below.

Total War: Warhammer abilities and Total War: Warhammer II abilities are also included in this game but not covered here - see dedicated pages for more detailed information.

Total War: Warhammer III abilities
Ability Rarity Category Race Legendary lord Type Active/Passive
Banished! Multiple Direct Damage Passive
By Our Blood Kislev Augment Active
Daemonic Instability Multiple Direct Damage Passive
Elemental Breath Kislev Magic Missiles Active
Gorefeast Regeneration Passive
Hellblade Augment Passive
Locus of Wrath Augment Active
Ursun's Roar Kislev Augment Active
Salyak's Lullaby Kislev Augment Active
Skullfeast Augment Passive
Wounds Common Icon rarity common small.png Unit ability All Hex Passive
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