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Seen in the announcement trailer.

The Total War: Warhammer III campaign is the main campaign for Total War: Warhammer III. This is a placeholder name, its actual name will be revealed eventually and then this article can be moved to the correct name.

According to Creative Assembly's Ian Roxburgh it is "roughly twice the size" of the Eye of the Vortex map from Total War: Warhammer II.[1]

The Far East and the Realm of Chaos will feature as regions in the campaign.

It should not be confused with A Very Big Campaign, which will be a combined campaign for players who own all 3 games - the successor to Mortal Empires.

Races, factions and legendary lords[]


The following playable races, factions and Legendary Lords have been announced.

Minor factions[]

Revealed so far:

  • Dreaded Wo


In the cinematic announcement trailer for Total War: Warhammer III, a partial campaign map is shown with the following provinces. However it is not known for sure if this reflects the Total War: War Warhammer III campaign.

  • Ancient Giant Lands
  • Ice Pass
  • Path to the East
  • Celestial Riverlands
  • The Great Bastion
  • Warpstone Desert
  • Gunpowder Road
  • Lands of Stone and Steel
  • Shang-Yang
  • Nan-Gau
  • K'd... (Likely K'Datha, a plateau in the northern Chaos Wastes)
  • The Re... (Likely The Red Waste or The Realm of Chaos)
  • Forests of the... (???)

In blogs and videos we know the cities of :

  • Wei-Jin (Capital of the Grand Cathay)
  • Kislev
  • Praag
  • Erengraad

Other possible locations[]

  • The Sky Road