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This page lists the abilities in Total War: Warhammer.

Please only list a race if the ability is only found in a single race, and only list a legendary lord if the ability is found only on a single legendary lord.

List[edit | edit source]

Total War: Warhammer abilities
Ability Rarity Race Legendary lord Type Active/Passive
Foe-Seeker Icon rarity common small.png Common Augment Active
Deadly Onslaught Icon rarity uncommon small.png Uncommon Augment Active
Stand Your Ground! Icon rarity uncommon small.png Uncommon Augment (Area) Active
Arcane Conduit Icon rarity uncommon small.png Uncommon Augment Active
Hold the Line! Icon rarity uncommon small.png Uncommon The Empire Augment (Area) Active
Guardian Augment Passive
Stand or Die! Augment Active
Fight or Die! Augment Active
Frenzy Augment Passive
Frostbite Norsca Passive
The Chilling Aura Hex Passive
Blood Lust Vampire Counts Augment Active
Master of the Dead Vampire Counts Regeneration Passive
The Hunger Vampire Counts Regeneration Passive
Undeath Resurgent Vampire Counts Augment Active
Unholy Lodestone Vampire Counts Augment Passive
Balefire Vampire Counts Hex Passive
Vigour Mortis Vampire Counts Augment Passive
Reliquary of Corruption Vampire Counts Hex Passive
Blasphemous Tome Vampire Counts Augment Passive
Aura of the Lady Bretonnia Augment Passive
Blessing of the Lady Bretonnia Augment Passive
Rowdy Beastmen Augment Passive
Primal Fury Beastmen Augment Passive
Slaughterer's Call Beastmen Augment Passive
Bloodgreed Beastmen Augment Passive
Warp Gaze Beastmen Hex Active
Soul Eater Beastmen Hex Passive
Heroic Killing Blow Augment Active
Encourage Augment Passive
Arrow of Kurnous Wood Elves Magic Missile Active
Guardian of the Wildwood Wood Elves Augment Passive
Call of the Woods Wood Elves Augment Passive
Hawkish Precision Wood Elves Augment Passive