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This article or section is about game content which was freshly released by Creative Assembly or is still in development. The information here is not final, and may change rapidly.

Tzeentch is a playable race introduced in Total War: Warhammer III. Tzeentch is the Chaos God of ambition, schemes, lies, magic and change.

How They Play[]

  • Grimoires
  • Changing of the Ways
  • Tzeentch Corruption, Unholy Manifestations and the Great Game
  • Cults of Tzeentch
  • Winds of Magic Manipulation
  • Teleportation Stance
  • Roster of strange, otherworldly units, including many spellcasters


The Changer of Ways, The Deceiver, The Eagle

Daemonic forces of Tzeentch

Tzeentch is the Chaos God who represents change, hope, ambition, scheming, lies, magic and knowledge. Change is neither malevolent nor benevolent; it is merely not the same as it was before. Tzeentch has plans within plans, he gives villains devious schemes and heroes the cunning to stop them. His followers tend to be seekers of knowledge and power, and often have mutated forms which are quite otherworldly and bizarre - even compared to other followers of Chaos! His followers also often have magical abilities. Tzeentch is associated with the colour blue (as well as rainbow colours in general) and arcane fire. He is also associated with birds (particularly ravens and birds of prey), and the Norscans call him The Eagle.


Tzeentch factions are normal, non-horde factions who occupy settlements and control provinces.

Playable factions[]

At the moment there is only one playable Tzeentch faction. See individual pages for faction-specific info.

Minor factions[]

Total War: Warhammer III

Factions exclusive to The Lost God campaign:

Factions introduced in The Realm of Chaos campaign:

In-game description[]

Tzeentch - the Changer of Ways - is the Chaos God of magic, evolution, manipulation and trickery. He is flux incarnate - the God who truly embodies the endless, broiling change that is Chaos. It is Tzeentch above all who holds the terrible knowledge of fate and destiny in his talons. His worshippers are desperate to share in such lore but are merely pawns in the Great Game; another piece to move on the board and outplay the other Chaos Gods.

To serve Tzeentch is to invite insanity. His servants weave their own complex webs of influence and manipulation, founding cults in high society as well as armed legion of puppets-followers. They pay no mind to the fact that their master views such plots are mere petty distractions, for the Architect of Fate's own design is aeons in the making.

  • Bullet tze changing of the ways.png Changing of the Ways: Hatch treacherous plots to manipulate the destiny of all beings.
  • Bullet tze grimoires.png Winds of Magic manipulation: Push and pull the strenghts of the Winds of Magic across your territory.

In Battle[]


Main article: Tzeentch unit roster


Tzeentch has access to three lores of magic, one of which is unique to their race:

In addition, when equipped with specific objects, Kairos Fateweaver has access to different spells from the lores of Beasts, Life, Heavens, Death, Shadows and Light.

In the Campaign[]


Tzeentch spreads Tzeentch corruption.


As a god of knowledge, Tzeentch desires it above all else. Grimoires represent forbidden texts, hidden spellbooks, ancient lore, unknown histories, and everything else that is floating around the Warhammer world that is not commonly known. It is favour with Tzeentch and can be used to ensure success. Grimoires are collected and generated by any number of actions – battles, buildings, sacking settlements, dilemmas, and more. By themselves they do very little, but you have an endless number of ways to spend them and keeping a steady supply will make you a master of the world, even without your armies.

The primary spend for Grimoires is in the Changing of the Ways. This is a series of actions unique to Tzeentchian factions that allow you to change or observe things on the campaign map with merely a wave of the wrist (causing a mouse click, usually). Each has a reasonable cooldown and costs a chunk of Grimoires, scaling with the severity and effectiveness of the action. Beyond the first, each also requires a technology to unlock, some of which may be buried fairly deep in the tree. Here’s a rundown of what’s possible:

  • Transfer Settlement
    • Transfer control and ownership of one settlement to a new faction. This can be your faction or another.
  • Open Gates
    • Open the gates of a major settlement with walls, for any battles in that settlement in the next few turns.
  • Force Rebellion
    • Causes a rebellion in a region, spawning an army for the owner to contend with.
  • Track Army
    • You are given the line of sight of a target army.
  • Reveal Faction Intentions
    • Shows the plans of all armies a target faction controls.
  • Reveal Shroud
    • Gives complete vision of a target faction’s territory.
  • Halt Faction
    • All characters – so armies and heroes – have their movement halted and disabledfor the faction’s following turn.
  • Give War Co-ordination Target
    • Gives a faction a war co-ordination target even if they are not your ally.
  • Break Alliance
    • Break the military or defensive alliance between two factions.
  • Force War
    • Force a war between two factions.

As you can imagine, this can get hectic, manipulative, and downright scummy depending on your desires and plans. While it’s unlikely you will be able to get all your goals completed without ever annihilating an enemy army yourself, it gives several fascinating possibilities in the mid to late game. Even early, transferring settlements between factions you’re not interested in warring with to ones you’re about to conquer can be very powerful.

Winds of magic manipulation[]

Another ability unique to Tzeentch is his specific control of the winds of magic. Indeed, so tied are his machinations to them that many buildings have unique effects when the winds of magic are particularly strong, increasing their capabilities. To this end, Tzeentch can reduce the winds of magic in one province where he has a settlement to increase it in another, at will.

As well as providing the aforementioned buffs to his buildings, this allows for armies with multiple spellcasters – that’s going to be quite a lot of your Tzeentch armies, believe it or not – to benefit heavily in terms of the power reserves available to them. It’s also worth noting that there have been some large changes made to the nature of the Winds of Magic and power reserves in battle, which we will detail soon. The upshot is that this ability should never be discounted to ensure victory.

Unholy Manifestations[]

Unholy Manifestations unlock as more corruption for your god is spread across the land. The upgraded versions have heavier effects – generating more of a resource or dealing more damage to an army, for example. Here’s the Unholy Manifestations for Tzeentch:

  • Scriveners of Insanity
    • Unlocked from the start.
    • Allows a friendly army to generate a big batch of grimoires over the course of several turns. The army cannot move during this time, and must be in enemy territory.
  • Mutagenic Energies
    • Requires 1500 global Tzeentch corruption.
    • Causes a target army to suffer attrition for a turn, regardless of situation or immunities.
  • Magic Flare
    • Requires 3000 global Tzeentch corruption.
    • Increases the Range and Barrier hit points of all units in an army. Barrier is a special shield all Tzeentch units have – we’ll detail this further in the upcoming roster reveal.
  • Night of Madness
    • Requires 6000 global Tzeentch corruption.
    • Target friendly army generates Tzeentch corruption and control (renamed from public order) loss in a province, as well as increasing the army’s Winds of Magic power reserve. It cannot move during these turns.


Cults can form once a god is particularly dominant in a region. This cult becomes a foreign building slot, owned by you, that can construct unique buildings based on your dedicated god. Tzeentch’s options are:

  • Sanctuary
    • Generates grimoires per turn.
  • Repository
    • Generates more grimoires per turn but requires high winds of magic level.
  • Sanctum
    • Generates a decent amount of income but also requires high winds of magic level.
  • Campus
    • Destroys the cult but increases winds of magic here and in all adjacent to Tempestuous.


Unique to Tzeentch and unlocked through the tech tree, his armies can go into the Teleport stance. This costs Winds of Magic reserve power to adopt but is exceptionally powerful. Not only does it allow crossing of impassable terrain – say, mountain ranges, rivers, patrolled areas – but instantly triggers an ambush battle should you target an enemy army. It’s a one-shot move, so you must re-adopt the stance if you wish to go again on the next turn but getting to ambush armies as you like can really swing a war your way. This level of power is why it is locked in the later game for Tzeentch, requiring various techs to unlock. Speaking of which…


Main article: Tzeentch tech tree




  • The Advisor, a mysterious old man who guides the player, is an agent of Tzeentch.


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