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Unique spells are spells specific to one character or type of character. This may be a legendary lord.

They may belong to a lore of magic, but are not generally available to other spellcasters using that lore.


The Dreaded Thirteenth Spell
Awaken from the Grave
Command of the Unliving
Deliverance of Itza
Transformation of Kadon
Drowned Dead
  • Replaces Raise Dead in the Lore of Vampires
  • Summons a unit of Zombie Pirate Deckhands Mob
  • When overcast, summons a unit of Zombie Pirate Gunnery Mob
  • Drowned sailors are easily bound, for they remember their last voyage and many of their worldly duties
  • Only available to the following:
    • Count Noctilus
    • Vampire Fleet Captain - Vampires
    • Vampire Fleet Admiral (Polearm - Vampires)
    • Vampire Fleet Admiral (Pistol - Vampires)

Unique bound spells[]

Reaver Bow
  • Bound spell on Reaver Bow crafted item for High Elves

Added as bound spells on items in the Resurgent Update[]

Arnzipal's Black Horror
Assault of Stone
Fear of Aramar
Speed of Lykos
The Amber Trance
  • Bound spell on Scroll of The Amber Trance


The Ruination of Cities
  • Powerful 3-direction vortex ability
  • Lord Mazdamundi only.
  • Technically classed as a Character ability
  • Doesn't cost winds of magic