Total War: WARHAMMER Wiki

Right-click a position on the battlefield to order a selected unit to walk there, or double-right-click to order it to run. Right-click on an enemy unit to order a selected unit to attack, double-right-click to charge.

  • Hold down the spacebar to view movement destinations. This also displays more information about visible units on their banners.
  • Right-click and drag out a formation on the battlefield to position selected troops accurately.
  • Hold shift or ctrl when left-clicking a unit or Unit card to add it to the current selection.
  • Units may be grouped by pressing G to allow easy re-selection.


  • A selection of units may be grouped by clicking the Group button so that they may be easily re-selected in future. Grouped units are arranged together under a tab on the Army panel.
  • A unit group may be selected by clicking the tab shown on the Army panel, or by pressing the number key shown on the tab.
  • A unit group may be locked by selecting the group and pressing CTRL+G. Locked groups keep their relative formation when moving.
  • A group of units may be assigned into a formation by clicking the formations button.
  • A selected group of units may be ungrouped by clicking the Group button again.