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FactionVampire Counts
CategoryVampire Counts melee + spellcaster hero
Unit size1
Icon treasury.png Cost (MP): 1000 (700)
Icon hourglass.png Turns: 1
Icon income.png Upkeep: 250
Icon stat health.png Health: 2679
Icon stat morale.png Leadership: 60
Icon stat speed.png Speed: 38
Icon stat attack.png Melee Attack: 60
Icon stat defence.png Melee Defence: 35
Icon stat charge bonus.png Charge Bonus: 30
Resistance missile.png Missile Resistance: 15
Icon stat damage.png Weapon Damage: 300
Modifier icon armour piercing.png Armour-Piercing Damage: 130
Icon stat speed.png Melee Interval: 4 s
Icon stat range.png Range: 1
Icon stat armour.png
  • Causes fear.png Can Cause Fear: This unit frightens all enemy units, reducing their Icon stat morale.pngleadership when nearby. It is also immune to fear. Fear penalties do not stack.
  • Encourages.png Encourage: This unit provides a Icon stat morale.pngleadership bonus to nearby allies. Units within range of both the Lord's aura and an encouraging unit will receive the larger of the two bonuses.
  • Hide forest.png Hide (forest): This unit can hide in forests until enemy units get too close.
  • Undead.png Undead: The unit is Undead (does not rout, immune to terror, becomes unstable when is low).

Vampire (Death) is a Vampire Counts melee + spellcaster hero. In amongst the fighting, a Vampire is a danger to her enemies, a vicious warrior and uncompromisingly cruel.


Vampires are the true masters of Undeath. Despite their curse, Vampires retain all of their devious intelligence, and hence all of their ambition and desire. This makes them very dangerous indeed, for they can continue to grow and learn, spending eternity perfecting their skills and honing their diabolical plans and schemes. A Vampire is ultimately a selfish creature who retains many of the traits and drives she possessed when mortal. Whilst the crudest of their kind exist only to feed, some lust after temporal power and conquest of the living. The Necrarchs strive to attain unparalleled necromantic skills, whereas Lahmnians possess immense wealth beyond the dreams of avarice. The greatest curse of Queen Neferata's legacy is that Vampires cannot live on normal food and drink, but must imbibe fresh blood for sustenance. For the youngest Vampires, this unnatural thirst is very strong. At this stage, they are often rash and easily caught and killed by Witch Hunters and other dedicated enemies of the night. Though most learn how to survive on less and less fresh blood until they need to feed only every few years, some never overcome their primal hunting instincts.


  • Armoured: Armoured units can block damage from any source apart from Armour-Piercing damage.
  • Decent Melee Combatant: Despite being primarily a missile unit or spellcaster, this unit can also hold its own ground when fighting in melee.
  • Spellcaster: This unit can cast spells.







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A spell caster that is actually quite good in melee, though it will take an investment in her combat skills to make her a serious duelist. The Hunger skill is obligatory for the regeneration.

The Vampire's abilities offer a good amount of personal sustainability as well as boost to the leadership of nearby units (on top of the natural Encourage aura). Combined with their solid melee stats, they can easily be allowed to fight in the front line or engage in combat with friendly units nearby. Bolstering their leadership and healing when taking too much damage. Then add the utility of the spells the vampire can bring, the mount options as well, and you have a incredibly well rounded unit