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Rites should not be confused with rituals for the Eye of the Vortex.


These are the rites available to Vampire Coast factions in the campaign mode of Total War: Warhammer II.

Curse of the Bountiful Treasure[]

Stories speak of rivals, cursed to watch as this pirate's treasures grow large and theirs diminish.
Such is the way of the sea, where larceny and death are the primary activities.

Cost: None, Cooldown: 15 turns, Duration: 1 turns.

Curse of the Queen’s Cannon[]

Legend has it that Harkon himself captured the Hell-Hammer which provided this brutal piece of artillery.
They say Bess is cursed, but more rightly, those caught in her crosshairs are the cursed ones.

Cost: 3000 money, Cooldown: 25 turns, Duration: 10 turns.

  • Allows the recruitment of one Queen Bess. Note this is one Queen Bess across all armies, multiple Rites won't allow for multiple Queen Bess units.
  • Casualty replenishment rate +10% (all armies).

Curse of the Sea Mist[]

It is said that when the dead come from the sea to stalk the land, they are shrouded in a fell mist,
a thick evil fog which gathers around the admiral commanding them.

Cost: 3500 money, Cooldown: 30 turns, Duration: 5 turns.

Curse of Eternal Service[]

Tales of crews who have served under undead pirate captains state that they were press-ganged to remain
under the sway of their admiral, not just for decades but forever. It is best, then, to embrace such fortune, for fate is rarely kind to deserters.

Cost: 2000 money, Cooldown: 20 turns, Duration: 5 turns.