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Varghulf is a Vampire Counts melee infantry unit in Total War: Warhammer. Amongst its enemies, a Varghulf is a savage whirl of limbs and claws, devastating in melee.


A Varghulf has a monstrous body, swollen by a constant diet of red meat. Unbound by human form, a Varghulf is a contorted mass of packed muscle, giving it the strength to crush a chariot or bowl over entire ranks of those stupid enough to try and pen it in. Powerful legs and broad wing-flaps allow Varghulfs to chase down their kills in swift, gliding leaps, and they can lash out at enemies around them with shocking speed. They use their immense claws to strip flesh from bone, the better to suck at the juicy marrow of their prey. A Varghulf's main weapon, however, is a wide mouth filled with dagger-like fangs capable of puncturing armour and crushing skulls. In battle, the Varghulf becomes a whirlwind of rage. Though voracious and unpredictable killers, Varghulfs are far from mindless. They do not possess the aptitude or inclination for sorcery of their Vampiric cousins, but their presence still acts as a conduit for Dark Magic, and they are able to reknit themselves with the raw stuff of necromancy should they suffer injury.


  • Armour-Piercing: The damage of armour-piercing weapons mostly ignores the armour of the target, making them the ideal choice against heavily-armoured enemies. They are often heavier and attack at a slower rate though, making them less efficient against poorly-armoured targets.
  • Poor Leadership: This unit suffers from poor leadership and will easily rout. Keep its flanks secure and your Lord or other encouraging units nearby.
  • Regeneration: Regeneration allows a unit to heal while in battle. Fire is known to harm this healing process, so be warned that flaming attacks will cause more damage to units with Regeneration.
  • Very Fast: This unit can run circles around most other units, taunting and harrassing the enemy or evading its missile fire.


When using Varghulf it's important to learn its strength which are not visible in the character sheet.

Varghulf's attacks are done frequently, with 2,3s interval, so 290 damage is actually very good, and it has an insane 48 melee attack. Compare this to Tomb Scorpion, which has 3,7s interval and 380 damage. Varghulf is about 20% stronger. The unit has a lot of mass, so even when surrounded by enemy infantry, it has absolutely no problem getting out of combat when needed. His attack pattern also helps in scoring a lot of kills.

They are one of the VC's more effective units for dealing damage to single unit monsters, though it would be prudent to support them with some Skeleton Spearmen to pin down their target and absorb some damage.

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