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Vashnaar's Conquest is a Rogue army faction introduced in Total War: Warhammer II. It is led by Vashnaar and can be found roaming anywhere in The New World.

Their army is composed of mostly heavy infantry, heavy cavalry, chariots, artillery and dragons.


Vashnaar the Tormentor was a Chaos Lord who led a terrible attack on Lustria.

His exploits before he decided in 2521 IC to assault Lustria are unknown. What is known is that he sought to sacrifice the heart of a Slann to his patron.

Riding a Black Dragon, Vashnaar lead a vast horde of Chaos Marauders through the Forest of Vipers north of Hexoatl, aided by mercenary Dark Elves that scouted ahead.

When the defenders of the Temple-City noticed him, it was almost too late. Tiktaq'to, Master of Skies, mustered the defenses and managed to hold Vashnaar off for sixty-three days, although with a heavy toll as Vashnaar's hordes outnumbered the defenders.

In the end, Vashnaar was defeated when Kroq-Gar and Mazdamundi returned from their travels to Albion. He was slain by Kroq-Gar, who displayed his severed head on the saddle of his mount.[1]

Possible Spawn Points[]

Eye of the Vortex

  • ?

Mortal Empires

  • ?

Unit Roster[]


This Rogue Army is one of the toughest to fight and it spawning nearby early in a campaign can mean a hard battle ahead. This is due to the strong front line of Chosen, the long range of the Darkshards, powerful monster in the Black Dragon, and the artillery piece in the Hellcannon as well as the Bolt throwers. If you're not ready to fight them, it can be recommended to improve relations as quickly as possible or push them to go to war with your enemies.


  • The icon on their crest is taken from Chaos Rebels.
  • The faction uses units from Chaos and Dark Elves.
  • Vashnaar was a Chaos Lord in the lore but in-game he is depicted as a Dark Elf Dreadlord.
  • Due to the elite level of this army and its tendency to spawn early in the campaigns, many in the Total War: Warhammer community fear Vashnaar and his entourage (and rightly so).