Veteran's Hammer

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Veteran's Hammer
Wh main anc weapon.png
Useful in the right context. Balanced costs and recharge.
RaceDwarfs Dwarfs.png

Veteran's Hammer is an uncommon Icon rarity uncommon small.png weapon item Equipment Items Weapon Small.png introduced in the Total War: Warhammer II Resurgent Update and which is exclusive to the Dwarfs Dwarfs.png race as it can only be generated via their The Forge Icon forge.pnggame mechanic (recipe: 90 oathgold Resource oathgold.png and timber Resource timber.png; can be forged multiple times Mortuary cult multiuse icon.png).

It grants the Expert Charge Defence Charge reflector.png attribute, which negates the charge bonus Icon stat charge bonus.png of any enemy attacker when bracing, and provides a minor melee defence Icon stat defence.pngbuff Unit effect positive.png to its user.

In-game description[edit | edit source]

Veterans have honed their weapons to within a whisker of perfection; they know a hammer's helf, making them perfectly balanced.

Effects[edit | edit source]