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Volkmar the Grim is a Commander.png legendary cavalry lord available to the Reikland.png Reikland faction of The Empire.png The Empire race and introduced in the Total War: Warhammer The Grim and the Grave DLC. Everything about him is bent to that one great task of holding back evil.


Volkmar the Grim is the head of the Cult of Sigmar and the most powerful religious leader in the Empire. He is a pious and foreboding man who is utterly devoted to the destruction of Chaos in all its forms. When the Grand Theogonist accompanies an army into battle, he typically rides atop the resplendent War Altar of Sigmar, inspiring the soldiers around him to great acts of heroism as he strikes the followers of Chaos down with powerful blows and words of divine force. Volkmar is a holy terror on the battlefield, a man who fights with the fury of Sigmar himself. It is said that Volkmar's soul was forged of steel and he fights the malign influence of Chaos with every fibre of his being.

Campaign effects[]

When chosen as starting legendary lord


  • Battle Prayers: This unit can learn prayers to support allies and defeat foes in battle.


  1. Divine Power: Such is the strength of Sigmar's favour that enemies fail to act in the presence of such brilliance.
  2. Grand Hammer of Sigmar: The Warrior Priest implores Sigmar to imbue him with a modicum of divine strength, and now his hammer glows bright with power!
  3. Grand Shield of Faith: The Warrior Priest’s faith manifests in the form of a shield as hard as castle-forged steel.
  4. Grand Soulfire: A battle prayer that bathes the Warrior Priest in white, holy fire, sears Sigmar’s foes but leaves the supplicant unharmed.
  5. Benediction: The Warrior Priest passes the blessings of the Heldenhammer to the brave men around him.
  6. Faith's Bastion: A quick invocation of protection to Sigmar or Ulric will bless the implorer with a shield of godly faith, should they prove worthy.


Volkmar may access up to 2 unique item ancillaries which are bound to him alone and require completion of the associated quest. The number in brackets indicates the level at which the quest will trigger automatically.


Volkmar may access up to 3 mounts by spending a skill point on the appropriate mount skill in his skill tree. The number in brackets indicates the level at which the mount skill is unlocked and may be purchased. Only one mount may be equipped at any one time.


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  • Volkmar is a powerful lord who cannot be underestimated. He has regeneration, something no other Empire Lord has outside of support from the Lore of Life (and Boris). Volkmar on his chariot provides an Unbreakable terror causing mobile unit that can charge into infantry and then use his battle prayers to bombard the enemies around him or buff allies.
  • His bonuses to Flagellants in campaign are nothing to scoff at either. 12% Physical resistance and 14 melee defence does worlds to improving their survivability in battle. On top of that, he has +30% casualty replenishment rate for them only. The incentives to give Volkmar a massive amount of Flagellants are huge. Given that he has an unbreakable front line, all Volkmar needs is devastating ranged units/artillery pieces, and a few cavalry units to harry the enemy backline.