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War Crown of Saphery
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TypeTotal War: Warhammer II armour
One of a kind! Strong and long lasting effects. High costs and recharge.
  • Hero capacity: +1 for Mages
  • Unlocks Icon hero.pngHero recruitment: Mage
  • Hero recruit rank: +2 for Mages
  • Cooldown: -30% to spells
  • Ward save: +10%

War Crown of Saphery is a armour in Total War: Warhammer II.


War crown of Saphery

Part 1

The War Crown is seldom seen outside the walls of the White Tower. Even Teclis himself wears it only in times of great need, so he sets of to Lustria without it. However, it quickly becomes apperant that circumstances are direr than even the High Loremaster realised and so he sends for the crown. A pair of Great Eagles are dispatched from Saphery with the crown secuerly held in their claws. An epic jurney follows, crossing the Great Ocean and then the continent itself.

Perhaps it was inevitable, on a flight that long, that the Eagles would not reach Teclis. Something has gone wrong - the crown and its winged escort are lost. An artifact of such power and reverence cannot be allowed to simply vanish. Teclis knows of a ritual of Isha that should be invoked, for a mother always knows where her children lie, and the War Crown is of Isha's making.

Objective: Compleate the invocation of Isha.

Part 2

The ritual grants Teclis knowledge, but not the whole answer. He knows the Eagles where brought down delibratly, somewhere over the Spine of Sotek. Yet that mountain chain is vast; Ishas influence will have to be cast across Lustria for the Crown to make itself known.

Objective: Construct Shrine of Asuryan.

Part 3

The location is revealed. Isha's light guides Teclis and his Sapherian host to a dark, dank cavern in the north of mountain chain. On entering the cave, the High Elves are assaulted by a unholy stench. Some turn their noses up and even concider returning to the surface, but Taclis gives them a stern look and bids they advance further into the depts.

A piercing scream echoes through the cavern; the master of the lair in this recidence! Bones drop from the ceiling to come crashing amidst the High Elven host. The carcasses of two Eagles litter the cavern floor. Teclis looks up to see the hunter that ripped them from the sky - a giant Undead bat...

But even this beast does not seem to be alone, for in the shadows, scuttling all around the periphery of the cave, the Elves hear mocking chitters!

Objective: Win Warcrown of Saphery quest battle. (against skaven and bats, bats will swarm you towards the end so bring some good melee units since they will render your archers useless).


Seldom seen outside the walls of the White Tower, the War Crown was given to Teclis by the former High Loremaster and holds great power.

Lore Background[]

The Crown was gifted to Teclis on the eve of the young mage's departure on his quest for his brother, Tyrion.


  • Hero capacity: +1 for Mages
  • Unlocks Icon hero.pngHero recruitment: Mage
  • Hero recruit rank: +2 for Mages
  • Cooldown: -30% to spells
  • Ward save: +10%


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