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War Hydra is a Dark Elves monster unit introduced in Total War: Warhammer II. A furious battlefield force; savage in combat and notoriously difficult to kill.


The Hydra is a titanic beast of the mountains, whose ill-tempered and ravenous nature has proven the doom of many an unsuspecting morsel. Indeed, so ferocious is the Hydra that campaigning armies often make wide detours to avoid intruding on such a beast's bone-strewn lair. Those that march on regardless do so either out of confidence in their battle-prowess or ignorance of the Hydra's savagery. War Hydras are notoriously difficult for their handlers to control, and a Beastmaster must be quick with his lash lest he be devoured in the enemy's stead. They are even more difficult to slay, for not only are their scaly bodies incredibly well armoured, they also regenerate damage at a frightening rate. A foe's only chance is to sever all the monsters heads in quick succession - if even a single one remains, the remainder will swiftly grow back and devour the impudent attacker for his troubles.


  • Fiery Breath: Just give the order and the Hydra's heads will spew forth their fiery breath, each competing for the brightest flame.
  • Regeneration: Regeneration allows a unit to heal while in battle. Fire is known to harm this healing process, so be warned that flaming attacks will cause more damage to units with Regeneration.
  • Scaly Skin: Scaly skin or hides help to dampen or deflect the damage caused by missile weapons, increasing this unit's Missile Resistance.
  • Causes Terror: This unit can cause terror, making its melee target rout for a short time. Units that cause terror are immune to terror and fear themselves.



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The War Hydra excels at terrorizing enemy infantry, first incinerating them with its fiery breath, then crushing them with its charge. Although lightly armored for a monster, regeneration and high melee damage make sure few foes can stand against this many-headed glutton. 1-3 of these are never misplaced in any Dark Elf army, just remember to concentrate their attacks on a specific part of the enemy front you want to break and withdraw them to regenerate when they take too much damage.

Alternatively, if you have the gold for it, just have an army of these scaly bastards and watch the world burn.