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War Mammoth
Mount war mammoth.png
Unit typeMonster
Multiplayer costTotal War: Warhammer
  • Icon income.png 1200 (all)

Total War: Warhammer II

  • Icon income.png 1200 (Marauder Chieftan)
  • Icon income.png 1000 (Wulfrik)
Abilities and attributes
  • Causes Fear
  • Causes Terror
  • Siege Attacker
  • Characters
  • Wulfrik the Wanderer
  • Marauder Chieftan
  • For the unit, please see War Mammoth.

    The War Mammoth is a mount option for Norsca. It is a huge monster which can't fly but is very tough and can attack gates in siege battles quite well.


    Tainted and savage they may be, but these behemoths remain willing to bear high-status marauders into battle, trampling flat everything foolish enough to get into their way.