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Warband of the Crow is a minor Norscan Tribes faction introduced in Total War: Warhammer II. They only appear when the Skaven begin a Ritual during the Eye of the Vortex campaign.

They will spawn in the sea close to where the ritual is being performed and will attempt to attack one of the ritual sites. They are automatically at war with the Skaven faction that started the ritual, and do not appear on the Diplomacy screen.

They may be joined by the Followers of Chaos or an Unknown Skaven Clan.

Other Ritual Intervention Norscan Armies include:


Diplomatic traits:

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Like all ritual Norscans, The Warband of the Crow will spawn at sea, and sail inland towards the players ritual sites. Upon arriving on the shoreline, they will march toward the ritual sites and focus on destroying them at all cost. Should they stumble across any other settlements on the way however, they will not hesitate to attack and raze them, raising a Norscan totem in place which increases chaos corruption. If allowed to reach a ritual site, they will attack it, and attempt to destroy it. If destroyed, they will continue to roam the area and destroy and other settlements and armies they come across.

It is suggested to pay attention to where the ritual sites are and prepare defenses accordingly. It should be noted that if one is a port city, or near a beach, it is likely The Warband of the Crow will target it. The best way to protect the ritual sites is to plant armies on them and have them wait for the arrival of the Warband. However, if the player is feeling confident, they can send an army to intercept the Warband at sea in order to conserve your defenses for the Followers of Chaos and the Unknown Skaven Clan