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Resistance ward save.png Ward save, also known as Damage resistance, is the only universal damage-mitigation resistance in the game and, as a result, the most powerful protection any unit can have. It reduces damage from all damage channels and interacts with all attack channels. Therefore, units live longer and will be able to dish out more damage onto their enemies.

Abilities and effects providing this resistance temporarily use the Damage resistance wording whilst the ward save terminology is associated with permanent instances, such as items. In addition, it tends to be restricted to rarer abilities, ancillaries and traits, or more advanced units.

Although it is restricted to a 90% cap, similar to all other resistances, it will always be taken into account first when calculating damage reduction. Other resistances can stack depending on the appropriate damage channels - a few simplistic examples are provided below.

Example 1[]

  • Attacker: has Magical attacks.png Magical attacks
  • Defender: has no Icon stat armour.png armour, 15% Resistance magic.png magic resistance, 30% Resistance physical.png physical resistance and 10% Resistance ward save.png ward save
  • Outcome: Attacker deals 25% (= 15% + 0% + 10%) less damage when it hits the defender because physical resistance is useless against magical attacks and, consequently, is ignored.

Example 2[]

  • Attacker: 66% of its attack damage is Modifier icon armour piercing ranged.png armour-piercing missile damage and the remaining 34% is Icon Stat Ranged Damage Base.png base missile damage
  • Defender: has 100 Icon stat armour.png armour, 25% Resistance magic.png magic resistance, 40% Resistance physical.png physical resistance and 45% Resistance ward save.png ward save
  • Outcome: Attacker deals 90% (= c.45% + 0% + 40% + 45%) less damage when it hits the defender because magical resistance is useless against physical attacks and, consequently, is ignored.
    • Initial calculation - The total resistance adds up to c. 130% so it is capped down to 90%.
    • Step 1 - The most useful resistances are calculated first, so first ward save will apply and mitigate 45% of all damage, then physical resistance will kick in and reduce damage for a further 40% because both interact with physical missile damage. So far, 85% of all damage is soaked up and only 5% more can be prevented in order to not exceed the 90% reduction cap.
    • Step 2 - This 85% will be applied to the armour-piercing damage first so it will, in fact, cancel all of it (66% - 85% = -19%, therefore 0%)
    • Step 3 - The 19% resistance remaining will then be deducted from the base missile damage since it is physical missile damage and only 15% will pass through (=34% - 19%)
    • Step 4 - Base missile damage can be reduced by armour-based damage mitigation so the armour can reduce c.45% of the damage. However, there are only 5% left to reach the 90% cap which means 10% will always go through and the remaining 40% armour resistance will go to waste.

There are a number of abilities, ancillaries, units and traits that grant ward save - see notable examples below (not a comprehensive list!)

Notable abilities[]

Notable ancillaries[]

See also: Items with ward saves

Notable units[]

  • tbc

Notable traits[]

  • Fateshielded, a Dark Elves.png Dark Elves' Name of Power
  • Tz'arkan, with possession of the Dark Elves.png Dark Elves Commander.png Malus Darkblade legendary lord which can provide 5-40% ward save
  • Trait chaos.png Vessel, Warriors of Chaos.png Warriors of Chaos' Commander.png Archaon the Everchosen legendary lord unique trait which can provide 5% ward save for all units in the lord's army
  • Trait bretonnia.png Virtue of Penitent, Bretonnia.png Bretonnia's Commander.png Lord lord exclusive spawning trait which can provide 5% ward save