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Wardens of the Living Pools is a minor Lizardmen faction introduced in Total War: Warhammer II. It is led by Lord Xlotc and can be found in the heart of Lustria. The location is home to one of the magical forests of the world and is therefore of great interest to the Wood Elves.


The interval between Lizardmen spawnings can be very long and usually a spawning will not recur in the same pond within the lifetime of the last generation that was born there. Thus each city is surrounded with multiple spawning pools which spawn at different times of the year. Each spawning is linked to astrological cycles and will always begin at certain conjunction of stars and planets. Since each generation emerge from different ponds at different intervals in time, there are always several dozen Lizardmen of the same age and origins living within tightly-knit groups within their home city. Being of the same spawning, different age-groups will also have varying degrees of features which are unique to that particular spawning, such as different skin tones, unique markings, a calm and calculated attitude towards administrative duties or a more fierce and warlike attitude towards war.

Lord Xlotc was a Slann of Itza when the Vampire Luthor Harkon first arrived upon Lustria. In the year 888 by the Imperial Calendar, the Vampire Lord Luther Harkon arrived upon the shores of eastern Lustria. He immediately began a campaign of destruction and desecration that saw him plunder scores of the most sacred of the Lizardmen's sites. It was Lord Xlotc of ltza who committed the formidable weight of a Mage-Priest's intellect to discerning the Vampire's intentions, and formulating a plan to put an end to them.

Xlotc wove a spell that would stretch Harkon's desire for mystical artefacts to the extent of his sanity, causing the Vampire Lord to lose all grip on reality as his search consumed him. At length, Lord Xlotc drew Harkon and his horde of Undead pirates towards the ruined city of Oyxl, having seeded the notion within his fragmented mind that its temples and vaults overran with treasures. Harkon and his armies never reached their goal however, as Xlotc's own cohorts intercepted him several hundred miles to the northeast of the city, and at the appointed hour launched a devastating attack that decimated the Undead hordes, and put paid to the Vampire Lord's plans for many centuries to come.


Diplomatic traits[]

  • Minor Power - Mostly defensive with a weak military, they do not compete or desire to conquer the world.
  • Cold-Blooded Logic - The immutable, alien logic of the Lizardmen means they will only consider strong, emotive states when engaging in diplomacy.


The Wardens occupy the Sacred Pools settlement. They have a small army of sacred spawn lizardmen and will not receive more. Under normal circumstances, they will generally keep to themselves and not dare to attack other factions unless they trespass upon their lands. The wardens do not make much money making them of little interest to attack. To top it off, their one settlement is a magical forest, which is uninhabitable to most races, making managing the conquered settlement difficult.

Should you be playing as Luthor Harkon, or any other Vampire Coast factions, Taking the Warden's settlement is not a bad idea. Although the player will have a hard time running it at first, the player can erect a Dead Pirate's Totems in order to spread corruption. If upgraded, it will spread corruption to the surrounding area, giving you a stronger foothold.

If playing as any Wood elves faction, the pools are one of the magical forest needed to continue your campaign. It is suggested to take them when you can.