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Warherd of the One-Eye
TypePlayable faction
LeaderKhazrak the One-Eye
CampaignsAn Eye For An Eye
Mortal Empires
Regional OccupationN/A horde
Distinct features
Icon horde.pngHorde:The faction has no settlements. Infrastructure and military improvements are linked to each individual Beastmen horde.
Bullet chs corruption.pngCorruption:Chaos corruption can be spread in enemy territory, leading to public order problems and even Chaos rebellions.
Bullet bst beastpaths.pngBeast Paths:Beastmen armies have access to the Beast Paths stance, allowing them to bypass impassable terrain.
Bestial rage.pngBestial Rage:Each army has a Bestial Rage meter that rises when fighting and raiding. It provides an allied AI army when full and causes attrition when low.
Bullet bst the dark moon.pngThe Dark Moon:A powerful recurring event that provides significant bonuses to Beastmen armies.
Bullet bst units.png Aggressive unit roster with a variety of fast-moving beasts and monsters.

Warherd of the One-Eye is a playable Beastmen faction in An Eye For An Eye, and Mortal Empires with the release of The Silence & The Fury.

The faction is led by Khazrak the One-Eye and has the same crest as the regular Beastmen. Khazrak is the starting lord, but Malagor the Dark Omen can be recruited later on. In Mortal Empires Morghur the Shadowgave and Taurox can also be recruited.

Starting Location[]

An Eye For An Eye[]

Mortal Empires[]

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  • This faction's symbol was the former symbol used by all Beastmen lords (under a single faction) until The Silence and The Fury, when they were reorganised into their separate factions.