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Warrior Priest
Wh main emp warrior priest.png
Wh main emp dignitary.png
CategoryMelee Hero
Unit size1
Icon treasury.png Cost (MP): 1000 (400)
Icon hourglass.png Turns: 1
Icon income.png Upkeep: 250
Icon stat health.png Health: 2766
Icon stat morale.png Leadership: 70
Icon stat speed.png Speed: 34
Icon stat attack.png Melee Attack: 45
Icon stat defence.png Melee Defence: 30
Icon stat charge bonus.png Charge Bonus: 30
Resistance missile.png Missile Resistance: 15
Icon stat damage.png Weapon Damage: 240
Modifier icon armour piercing.png Armour-Piercing Damage: 120
Icon stat speed.png Melee Interval: 4 s
Icon stat range.png Range: 1
Icon stat armour.png
  • Encourages.png Encourage: This unit provides a Icon stat morale.pngleadership bonus to nearby allies. Units within range of both the Lord's aura and an encouraging unit will receive the larger of the two bonuses.
  • Hide forest.png Hide (forest): This unit can hide in forests until enemy units get too close.

Warrior Priest is a Empire melee infantry unit introduced in Total War: Warhammer. These men wade into battle with conventional weapons, but can also call powerful magical forces to decimate their enemies.


The Cult of Sigmar demands that its followers fight all forms of evil with martial feats as well as with faith, so many of its priests accompany the Empire's armies as they march to war. In this role, they not only lead and inspire troops in battle, but also minister to their spiritual well-being. Warrior priests are clad in ceremonial vestments and armour adorned with symbols of holy hammers, twin-tailed comets and other religious icons. They shave their heads as a sign of devotion and they carry all manner of strange fetishes made of iron, wood and bone. Many Warrior Priests further adorn themselves with scrolls detailing war oaths and parchments written in the blood of martyrs.

Strengths & Weaknesses[]

  • Battle Prayers: This unit can learn prayers to support allies and defeat foes in battle.


  • Divine Power: Such is the strength of Sigmar's favor that enemies fail to act in the presence of such brilliance.
  • Benediction: The Warrior Priest passes the blessings of the Heldenhammer to the brave men around him.
  • Hammer of Sigmar: The Warrior Priest implores Sigmar to imbue him with a modicum of divine strength, and now his hammer glows bright with power!
  • Shield of Faith: The Warrior Priest’s faith manifests in the form of a shield as hard as castle-forged steel.
  • Soulfire: A battle prayer that bathes the Warrior Priest in white, holy fire, sears Sigmar’s foes but leaves the supplicant unharmed.




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Warrior Priests are a solid support unit that are quite versatile. Their abilities provide a strong amount of utility to the battlefield. Soulfire is a strong ability for clearing out poorly armoured infantry around the warrior priest or otherwise damaging blobs of enemies. Shield of Faith allows them to signficiantly reduce damage taken to allies around them, which can be pivotal in a critical engagement. The hammer of Sigmar allows the Warrior Priest's allies to go on the offensive and boosts theirs melee attack significantly. Divine Power is niche, but can make enemy wizards miscast even on standard spells when close to the priest.

The Warrior Priest can be unmounted and help give the Empire front line some support that can allow them to hold longer or even win a front line fight. They also can go mounted and ride with Reiksguard or Empire Knights, using their abilities to support them and damage enemies.