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Waystalker is a Wood Elves missile infantry unit. Never missing the mark, one alone is a deadly, formidable opponent.


Waystalkers' personalities have become entirely submerged by their obsession with stalking prey. They are taciturn and solitary individuals, and they may let years pass between visits to the Wood Elf halls. Waystalkers are perfectly at ease within their forest homeland and effortlessly survive by their wits and cunning in the wilds. On the rare occasion when a Waystalker returns to the halls, he stands apart from all others, for he is closer to the forest than to other Elves. A Waystalker's marksmanship shames even that of other Waywatchers. He can pick out a single enemy from a seething mass of troops and place the one perfect shot that brings the target, lifeless, to the ground. Yet the Waystalker finds no reason to exult in the application of his skills - after all, what prey could hope to escape one who has dedicated his entire life to the hunter's art?


  • Duellist: This unit is best used to attack individual targets such as Lords or Heroes. As it can only damage very few individuals at a time, it is not suitable against hordes of weak enemies.
  • Forest Stalker: The Elves of Athel Loren gain bonuses to melee defence and accuracy while fighting within the forest.
  • Master Ambusher: This unit can move whilst hidden in any terrain, firing in any direction even whilst running!
  • Vanguard Deployment: This unit can deploy in an expanded deployment area, allowing it to start the battle within striking distance of the enemy - or somewhere unexpected.
  • Arrow of Kurnous
  • Hawkish Precision




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The Waystalker is a strong sniping hero. Best used to pick off high value targets or damage enemy monsters or Lords. The Arrow of Kurnous ability does good damage against infantry and has decent splash, so save that ability for crowd clearing. It can also be used for long range attacks as its range is massive, capable of sniping destroying artillery pieces from range. Their melee stats are decent, but they should be kept away from enemy lords or melee centered heroes.

It is important to pick your targets wisely and conserve ammunition. Just because your Waystalker can shoot does not mean it should. Sometimes it best to hang back and wait for an opportunity, this is bolstered by the heroes ability to remain hidden, surprising enemies when they are vulnerable.