Wed to Etiquette is a High Elves Dilemma.

The Phoenix King and the Everqueen have received an invitation to the wedding of a Court Noble. The King does not care much for them, but it would be impolite to not attend. Attending however, requires he bring a lavish gift for them. Whispers say that the engaged noble fancies himself a scholar, with a penchant for arcane and magical tomes. This would endear the Phoenix King to the betrothed-to-be, but there are perhaps other gifts that other guests would consider more impressive...


Politely decline

  • Weddings are boring. The Phoenix King has no intention of attending.
  • -10 Influence
  • +8% Campaign movement range (5 Turns)

Offer a small gift

  • +10 Influence
  • -750 gold

Organize a chariot race

  • -5 Influence
  • Happy populace: +5 Public order (factionwide) (5 turns)

Offer a larger gift

  • When a larger gift is presented, the receiver can be sure of their worth. Such an award, though costly, will make the Phoenix King a hero in the couple's eyes.
  • +25 Influence
  • -2500 gold
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