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Where's ma teef? is a Dilemma for the Greenskins.

One of yer most trusted Bosses 'as come back from a raid empty-'anded. So 'ee sez... but he's wearin' a right nifty 'elmet, it's all shiny. Hmm... Where 'ee get all dat dosh to polish dat 'elmet?


Demand teef

Yoo want ter teef, as iz yer right as da big Boss. If 'ee don't give yer some, den punch 'im in the mouth and take iz teef instead!

  • Extra Teef (3 turns): The extra teef came at a cost.
    • Leadership: -5 (all armies)
  • Treasury: +1200

Ain't worth worryin' about

Well, ee's a good 'un. And if 'ee did nick some loot, den wot's a few teef between mates? Now, if he does it again, den we'll 'ave to get mean...

  • Shiny Helmet (3 turns) : The boyz look upon the new helmet with some envy.
    • Leadership: +5 (all armies)
    • Recruitment cost +10% (all armies)
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