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Orion's Chosen Offices screen (click for full size image)

Wood Elves Offices is a campaign mechanic unique to the Wood Elves.

Offices are positions which lords can be assigned to, providing many different benefits to the specific lord, their army, or the whole faction. On the campaign map, the Offices button in the bottom right will open the Offices panel.


Each playable Wood Elf faction has a unique version of this mechanic:

Argwylon.pngArgwylonGathering of the Ancients
Heralds of Ariel.pngHeralds of ArielCourt of the Mage-Queen
Talsyn.pngTalsynOrion's Chosen
Wargrove of Woe.pngWargrove of WoeCourt of Addaivoch

In Total War: Warhammer only, the Wood Elves faction led by Orion (later renamed to Talsyn) has the Forest Council.

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