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This page is about Wood Elves settlements in TW2 and TW3, for the system in TW1, see Total War: Warhammer Wood Elves settlements.

Wood Elves are unlike other races in that they occupy certain settlements and not others.

Magical Forests in Total War: Warhammer II[]

For details on how this system works, see: Forest health

Eye of the Vortex[]

Mortal Empires[]

In Athel Loren:


Oak of Ages[]

The Oak of Ages is a unique settlement located in Yn Edri Eternos. The Oak of Ages is the most important settlement to the Wood Elves as it plays a crucial role in their wonder-based victory condition, and its destruction means an instant loss. Upgrades to the Oak of Ages result in large faction-wide buffs, but cost amber.

Magical Forests in Total War: Warhammer III[]