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Mount ancient stegadon.png
Unit typeMonster
Multiplayer costTotal War: Warhammer II
  • Icon income.png 1200 (Lord Mazdamundi)
Abilities and attributes
  • Causes Fear
  • Causes Terror
  • Siege Attacker
  • Characters
    Lord Mazdamundi

    Zlaaq is a mount in Total War: Warhammer II. It is a unique Ancient Stegadon (mount) mount for Lord Mazdamundi.


    The largest Stegadon to be found anywhere, Zlaaq has served Lord Mazdamundi faithfully for almost five hundred years.

    Lore Background[]

    The Lord of the Solar-City will levitate his palanquin-throne atop a large Stegadon, a colossal beast named Zlaaq. Zlaaq has served Mazdamundi for almost five hundred years. Once atop his mount, Mazdamundi will march at the head of the armies of Hexoatl. [1]


    The unique mounts of the Lizardmen Lords are all references to Transformer's Dinobots. Zlaaq is similar to Slag the Triceratops.