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Zombie Dragon
Mount zombie dragon.png
FactionsVampire Counts
Unit typeFlying Monster
Multiplayer costTWW1:

Icon income.png 625 (Vampire Lord)
Icon income.png 675 (Legendary Vampire)

Icon income.png 1100 (Mannfred, Vampire Lord, Von Carstein, Lahmian, Blood Dragon)
Icon income.png 1250 (Necrarch)

Icon income.png 1050 (The Red Duke)
Abilities and attributes
  • Vampire Lord
  • The Red Duke
  • Mannfred von Carstein
  • Necrarch Vampire Lord
  • Von Carstein Vampire Lord
  • Lahmian Vampire Lord
  • Blood Dragon Vampire Lord
  • Zombie Dragon is a Vampire Counts mount unit introduced in Total War: Warhammer.

    It is a large and powerful flying dragon. In Total War: Warhammer II, it had a breath attack added called Pestilential Breath.


    Powerful Dark Magic saturates the bones of long-dead dragons, raising them to new purpose.



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